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Squash ACES works in partnership with Franklin & Marshall College, but relies on outside supporters in order to continue growing and enriching the program. If you wish to make a donation, contact the Squash ACES email above or follow the link below and be sure to specify that your gift is to support the Squash ACES Program.

Donate to Squash ACES at Franklin and Marshall

Directions for Donating: Follow the link above. Under "Designation" for the gift, select "other" and below, specify "Squash ACES Program".

Squash ACES Wish List

~ Annual squash equipment and uniform

~ Classroom supplies for the year

~ Classroom books and textbooks

~ Summer camp scholarships

~ Philadelphia, Baltimore, and New York City field trips for enrichment and squash matches

~ Squash tournaments (individual tournaments, Urban Squash Middle School Tournament, National Middle School Team Tournament)

Thank you for your support!

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  • Squash ACES Thanks You!
  • Squash ACES Host Inaugural Diplomat Challenge!

    On Saturday, October 20th the Squash ACES Program held their Inaugural Diplomat Challenge at the Franklin and Marshall Squash Courts! The Fundraiser event invited Squash ACES students, volunteers and supporters to gather and celebrate the program while watching an exhibition match between formerly world ranked squash players John White and Gavin Jones.Thanks to all of our supporters, we were able to raise over $2000!

Squash ACES Office


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Mailing Address:

Squash ACES                         Franklin and Marshall           P.O. Box 3003                       Lancaster, PA 17604-3003