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Squash ACES Schedule

The Squash ACES program meets during the academic year every Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday from 3:00 to 6:00 pm. Students receive approximately two hours of academic mentoring and squash skill development each week.

Our staff meets the Reynolds Middle School students and escorts them to Franklin & Marshall College. The McCaskey High School students utilize the school transportation system to arrive to campus after their school day.

Each program day provides the students with a concentrated time for squash practice. The students then transition into academic work for the remainder of the program time. Franklin & Marshall College is very generous in providing court time and classroom space for students in the program. In addition, F&M students provide countless hours of squash instruction and academic mentoring over the course of the year.

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  • The F&M Squash ACES Team takes on the Big Apple
    • Spring 2014, found the F&M Squash ACES team, ACES staff and some F&M students in New York City.  The students competed against players from the urban squash program, Street Squash as well as enjoyed a tour of the Columbia University campus. The fun-filled trip, also put them at the top of the Empire State Building and visiting the Museum of Natural History.

The program also provides monthly enrichment activities, academic based field trips and community service projects, as well as opportunities to travel to and play with other urban squash programs. Many Saturday's are devoted to tournaments or competitions. As the Cohorts continue with the program, appropriate guidance and support related to college access and career exploration are provided. This includes college campus visits, testing prep and personal growth and development.

Key to the success of the program is strong communication between members of the Squash ACES staff and families, school staff and administrators as well as members of the F&M community. 

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  • 2014 October Schedule
  • Monthly schedules will be posted here. Stay tuned for updates!

Upcoming Matches!

Saturday, September 27, 2014 (12:00 - 2:00 pm) ACES vs. Street Squash @ F&M.

Saturday, October 25, Dip Challenge

Saturday, November 1, (9:30 am Start) Tri-City Cup Tournament

Wednesday, December 10, F&M Squash ACES vs. SquashSmarts (@Philadelphia)

Come out and support the ACES - Mayser Gym Squash Courts

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  • Community Service vital component of ACES program
  • F&M Squash ACES students strive to be successful in their academics, strong competitors on the squash courts and change-makers in the community.

    Each year, F&M Squash ACES support community organizations in their work. 

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  • Teambuilding
  • The Squash ACES work together, completing several challenging team activities at Lancaster County Park.

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