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2012 Squash ACES 

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 Squash ACES Staff

  • Squash ACES Staff

7th Grade

  • Squash ACES - 6th Grade
  • Top Row: Keyshawn, Amaya, Kailey, Paola, Abigaile.

    Bottom Row: Nigel, Rediet, Nathan, Malik, Jacarri

 8th Grade

  • Squash ACES 7th Grade
  • Back Row: Mali, Andrew, Zuhri

    Front Row: Niaomi, Maylin, Asher

9th Grade 

  • Squash ACES 8th Grade
  • Back Row: Jodi, David, Sara, Nykiria

    Front Rom: Kalina, Tyler, Jason

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  • Community joins together to clean F&M Squash Courts
  • The Lancaster squash community got together on Saturday, November 3rd to clean the F&M Squash Courts. Over 50 people came together representing various support groups around Lancaster. Special thanks go out to Lancaster Country Day, F&M Men's and Women's Squash Teams and numerous other fantastic supporters!

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