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There are several reservable spaces within the Steinman College Center atrium.  All spaces within the Steinman College Center are reservable via the College Reservation System.  When reserving one of the following spaces, a table and two chairs will be supplied.  If a portable wall is needed, an additional table space is required to accommodate the length of the wall.

Spaces on the north wall of the atrium are for overflow only.  Please contact Lucy at, in order to receive permission for the use of these spaces.

Things to keep in mind: When reserving the entire atrium for an event, if any atrium furniture needs to be removed, Booth Ferris North or South must also be reserved for furniture storage.  Otherwise the furniture must remain in the atrium.

Table spaces available
Dance floor sizes available
Stage sizes available
Sample atrium setups

Atrium Layout (Design your own)

  • atrium_reservabletable
  • Reservable Tables
    • SCCTE1 - East wall
    • SCCTE2 - East wall
    • SCCTE3 - East wall
    • SCCTE4 - East wall
    • SCCTM1 - Main entrance, College Ave side
    • SCCTS1 - South wall, under digital signage
    • SCCTS2 - South wall, under digital signage

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  • atrium_dancefloor
  • The Steinman College Center no longer has a dance floor available.  If your event needs a dance floor, you will need to rent one.  Please see the Office of College Programs for possible places to rent one. 

    There are 40 sections to the dance floor:

    • 5' x 8' Floor (15' x 24' - 40 sections)
    • 4' x 8' Floor (12' x 24' - 32 sections)
    • 4' x 7' Floor (12' x 21' - 28 sections)

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  • atrium_stage
  • Available Stage Sizes
  • There are 9 sections to the stage:

    • 3 x 6 Stage (12' x 24' - 9 sections)
    • 3 x 4 Stage (12' x 16' - 6 sections)
    • 2 x 3 Stage (8' x 12' - 3 sections)

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