Connecting to FandM-WiFi - iOS

To connect an iOS device to Franklin & Marshall's wireless network, you must either have a NetID and password, or have guest access credentials provided to you by a member of the F&M community.

To connect your iOS device to FandM-WiFi:

  1. Touch the Settings icon on the home screen
  2. Touch the Wi-Fi option
  3. Choose the FandM-WiFi network
  4. You will be prompted for the password, which is wireless
  5. Press the home button and launch Safari. If you are not redirected to Campus Manager, try to navigate to http://www.google.com and you will be redirected.
  6. Read the Responsible Computing Agreeement, then touch the Agree option
  7. On the next screen, touch F&M Users if you have a NetID (students, faculty, professional staff), or Guest if you have been given guest credentials.
  8. On the next screen enter your NetID/Guest ID and password

You will see a screen indicating that network authentication was successful and you will be able to reach the internet.

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