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Faculty Teaching and Research Related to STS

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  • James E. Strick
  • Associate Professor of Science, Technology and Society
    History of Science; Environmental History; Development and Consequences of Nuclear Technology; History of Medicine

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  • Roger D. K. Thomas
  • John Williamson Nevin Professor of Geosciences Evolution of Complex Systems; History of Earth Sciences; Science and Literature

  • Profile: Dr. Kirk Miller
  • Kirk Miller
  • B. F. Fackenthal, Jr. Professor of Biology
    Public Health; Epidemiology of Pregnancy Outcomes

  • Profile: Dr. D. Alfred Owens '72
  • D. Alfred Owens '72
  • Charles A. Dana Professor of Psychology
    Perception and Action, History and Philosophy of Psychology

  • Profile: Dr. Glenn J. Ross
  • Glenn J. Ross
  • Dr. Elijah E. Kresge Professor of Philosophy
    Philosophy of Natural Science

  • Berwood A. Yost
  • Director, Center for Opinion Research and Public Policy Analysis
    Public Health; Epidemiology of Pregnancy Outcomes

  • Profile: Dr. Anthony P. Chemero
  • Anthony P. Chemero
  • Associate Professor of Psychology and Scientific and Philosophical Studies of the Mind
    Philosophy of Cognitive Science, History and Philosophy of Psychology

  • lommen
  • Andrea N. Lommen
  • Associate Professor of Astronomy and Director of Grundy Observatory
    History of Cosmology, from Astronomy to Astrophysics

  • Profile: Dr. David Merli
  • David Merli
  • Associate Professor of Philosophy
    Biomedical Ethics

  • Dan Ardia
  • Daniel R. Ardia
  • Assistant Professor of Biology
    Evolutionary Biology and Behavioral Ecology; History of Evolutionary Theory

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  • Keely B. Maxwell
  • Assistant Professor of Environmental Studies Environmental Policy; Environment and Human Values

  • Profile: Dr. John Lardas Modern
  • John Lardas Modern
  • Assistant Professor of Religious Studies
    Machines and their Metaphors; Religion in an Age of Technological Reproducibility

  • Nola Semczyszyn
  • Postdoctoral Research Fellow in Environmental Philosophy and Visiting Assistant Professor of Philosophy
    Environmental Aesthetics; Philosophy of Science and Technology; Visual Display as Scientific Representation in Relation to Scientific Knowledge and Practice