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F&M alumni reflect on their experiences with the alumni advising and development services offered by the Office of Student & Post-Graduate Development...

  • The advising I received through the Alumni Advising and Development office was truly transformational. The process was relationship driven, personalized and holistic. The advising sessions not only helped me to develop skills that are a beneficial part of my professional development they also positively impacted my ability to reach my goals. I highly recommend the advising sessions to anyone seeking positive changes and outcomes.

    -Bobbie Campbell ‘83

  • My job search was a little unfocused.  Think single mom in summer time living within a mile from the beach and you get the idea where I could fill my time.  I started doing an hour long call with Tammy Halstead every week or so and suddenly I had more than my bank account to report to.  It was great to be accountable to someone.  Suddenly I had to complete my to do list, have new things to report, and find more people to follow-up with.  This really helped me stay on track and focus my efforts.

    I am so grateful to Franklin & Marshall for having this option for alumni.  It's a great service to keep us connected (and indebted!) to F & M, and a real value added item for graduates.  I highly recommend Tammy, and this service.  

    -Scottie May, '90

  • Over the past year, it has been my pleasure and privilege to get to know Ms. Tammy Halstead and others at the Office.  Tammy, in particular, worked one-on-one with me, as often as we felt would be helpful to develop, review and execute a successful networking strategy.  Her advice was insightful and helpful, and always delivered with considerable tact and grace.  Moreover, one of the Office's greatest assets is their coaches' ability to deliver a hiring manager's perspective both constructively and convincingly.  I strongly encourage students and alumni to use the networking and coaching resources as early and often as possible in any job search.

    -J.P. Dicks '09

  • Tammy Halstead has been helping me develop my career for the past four years.   She had guided me through each step of the career search.   She coached me in discerning my professional interests and aptitudes, helped me polish my resume and cover letters, and also aided me in the successful pursuit a graduate degree in Education. Tammy not only helped me in Lancaster, but also was willing to provide feedback when I was abroad.   As a result of her guidance, I was able to find a Spanish teaching position at a community college before returning to the United States! 

    I met with her again in October 2011 seeking help with my Ph.D. application.  I found Tammy’s feedback extremely useful.  Having someone to consult during the application process was extremely beneficial; I didn’t feel alone and had another set of eyes to catch typos.  While I wasn’t accepted for the Ph. D program, I was accepted into a M.S. Ed. program in the same division!  I plan to begin the degree next fall and am very grateful for the support.  Thank you!

    -Laura Flippin ‘04

  • I just got my dream starting-job at my dream company, and my resume never would have been looked at by human eyes if it weren't for Tammy introducing me to a contact there.  I can't imagine being happier or more excited about this incredible start to my career.

    Thank you so much for all your support and advice over the summer as I navigated the intimidating world of applying for my first job.  I truly appreciate the time you spent speaking with me, letting me bounce ideas off you, and giving me invaluable insights that gave me the confidence and ability to get my career off to such a great start.  I can't thank you enough for being part of that support at this integral time in my personal and professional development.

    -Kelly Marchisio ‘12

  • My conversations with Tammy Halstead provided me with a different and refreshing perspective on my career options, a timeline for achieving short-term goals, and the opportunity to connect with other F&M alumnae in my field of interest.  Thank you!

    -Celine Chao ‘11

  • Thank you for leading Employment Search Intensive program these past six weeks.   You provided a great deal of helpful advice on how to have an effective job search and allow oneself to become a strong candidate for positions.  I have confidence that I will eventually find a great job thanks to your excellent coaching. 

    -Natalie Friedman '12