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Committee Letter

The committee letter is a document written by the Health Professions Advising for F&M applicants to medical and dental school.  It is our policy to include with the committee letter all letters of recommendation submitted to our office on your behalf.  In order to prepare your committee letter, we need full information about your academics, your extracurricular activities, work experiences, and career goals.  We get this information from meeting with you for your Pre-Application Interview (PAI) between January and April, from your F&M Committee Letter Application submitted prior to the PAI, and from transcripts, letters of recommendations, and the written materials prepared for us by you.  After your PAI, the Health Professions Advisory & Review Committee will meet to discuss your materials and determine how best to highlight your strengths as an applicant.  Ms. Kirby will then author a letter that is based on the collaboration of the committee as well as the written comments from your recommenders.  It is our goal to present you to medical and dental schools in the strongest light possible.  They do ask that we evaluate you to some degree, but the main purpose of the committee letter is to emphasize F&M’s support for your candidacy.

In order for us to support you with a committee letter, we will need 4-6 letters of recommendation (please see “Letters of Recommendation” for details), your Committee Letter Application, and you will need to complete the PAI.  If you have any concerns about your competitiveness for medical and dental school, please contact Ms. Kirby prior to completing these laborious steps and signing up for your PAI.