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It is very important that you read your email from Health Professions Advising throughout the application season; you will receive a series of very focused emails called “Advice to 2014 Applicants,” containing important information around the time you need to know it.  Also, plan to attend one of the pre-application meetings focused on interviewing; we will offer the meeting twice, once in the spring (for graduating seniors) and again in the fall.  At this meeting we will go over basic health professional school interview preparation in detail.  The primary purpose of the interview is for admissions personnel to learn more about you, your goals, experiences, and motivation.  It is also an opportunity for you to learn more about the school.  Be prepared to talk about your own interests and to ask some intelligent, reasonable questions about the medical, dental, or veterinary school.  Most interviewers try to provide an atmosphere in which they can find out who you are. “Stress” interviews, deliberately gauged to upset applicants, are rare.  Be relaxed, but not passive.  The most detailed advice we can give about health professional school interviewing is available in the handout, “The Interview at Health Professional Schools,” available here: