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Pre-Application Interview

The pre-application interview (or “PAI”) is for medical and dental school applicants.  The hour-long interview with Ms. Kirby serves a dual purpose:  to get to know you better so that the Advisory & Review Committee may support you well as an applicant, and to give you some practice talking about yourself in a formal setting, in preparation for real interviews in the fall and winter.   PAIs begin in January and run through the end of April.  Please schedule your PAI as soon as possible following the first mandatory Pre-Application Meeting in November; get on the schedule sooner rather than later, as interviews are done only during spring term.  You may schedule your interview in person at 619 College Ave, or by calling Anya Clark at 717-358-4191, or by emailing .  We prefer to interview you in February and March.  We need to be strict about ending interviews by May 1, since May, June, and July will be devoted to writing your committee letters—a task we take quite seriously.  You may re-schedule a PAI only once, and only with very good reason.  At least 48 hours before the interview, submit to our office your fully completed F&M Committee Letter Application.  Your interview will not take place if you have not submitted this application.  Come to your PAI dressed as you would for a med/dental school interview and be prepared to answer questions about your interest in medicine, experiences, and academic record.  During the interview, we will seek to obtain more information about you, to enhance your committee letter, and offer feedback regarding how you might do in a real interview based on your responses to our questions.

We do not conduct formal pre-application interviews for F&M applicants to veterinary school, PA school, PT school, or other health professional schools simply because these programs do not ask for committee letters.  They all request that you submit individual letters of recommendation without your undergraduate institution writing the overarching committee letter.  If you are applying to one of these programs for 2014, please schedule a regular appointment with Ms. Kirby sometime between January and July—we will give you as much individual support as we can, and we definitely want to know that you’re applying so that we may help you through the process on a case-by-case basis.