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Where to Apply

Although we ask for a list of schools when you submit your application to HPA and begin the process with us, you may not be able to decide on your final list of schools until June when you have your spring grades, and are completing your AMCAS, TMDSAS, AADSAS, etc.  You will choose the schools to which you will apply; we will offer guidelines and suggestions during your pre-application interview.  For medical school, the MSAR (Medical School Admissions Requirements) is the best resource for choosing your schools.  The MSAR is an online resource, which you’ll want to purchase complete access to (at  Even more up-to-date information on each school can be found on their individual websites.  The best resources to consult are:

  • Allopathic Medicine (U.S. and Canadian):  Medical School Admissions Requirements (MSAR)
  • Osteopathic Medicine:  The Osteopathic Medical School Information Book
  • Veterinary Medicine:  Veterinary Medical Schools Admissions Requirements (VMSAR)
  • Dental Medicine:  ADEA Official Guide to Dental Schools

Some guidelines:

  • Be aware of the in-state/out-of-state ratios at various schools.  Your state schools will automatically give you preference as a state resident.  Also, some schools admit only state residents.  You are throwing your money away if you apply to these as an out-of-state resident.
  • Apply to a range of schools.  Rankings and admission statistics give you some indication of how competitive admission is likely to be.  Your list should be broad.
  • It is rarely productive to apply to more than 15 schools.  If you want to apply to more schools than 20, we ask that you first discuss your reasons for wishing to do so with Dr. Cummings.
  • Check the admission requirements of the schools to which you are applying.  A few schools require science courses beyond the “standard” pre-med courses.  Some Texan and Canadian medical schools, for instance, have unusual requirements.
  • Please give your choices careful thought and investigation.  You should not apply to a school you would not be willing to visit for an interview or would not be willing to attend were it the only one to accept you.

By Friday July 5, 2014, you should give us a copy of your completed CAS application (AMCAS, AADSAS, etc), which includes your list of designated schools.  You may change your mind—adding or deleting schools—later in the summer, but you must tell us in writing about any changes in your choices.  We will not upload your committee letter for any “new” schools after mid-September without the permission of Ms. Kirby.  By this point, you’re late enough in the process that applying to more schools is not usually productive.