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Research & Internship Opportunities

Independent Research for Credit

One possibility for participation in undergraduate research is through an Independent Study, in which the student obtains course credit for a one or two-semester long project that is performed in a sponsoring professor's laboratory. The exact nature of the project, which typically involves the continuation of on-going research, is outlined in consultation with the sponsoring professor.

Enrollment in Independent Study requires that a professor agree to sponsor you, and the department in which you chose to carry out your research must agree that your record supports the probability of a successful independent study experience. Therefore, you must begin to plan your independent study during pre-registration for the semester in which you wish to begin it.

To obtain further information about the opportunities for independent research as well as the specific research interests of potential professor sponsors in a specific department, check out the links below:

Summer Research

The Hackman Summer Scholars Program provides student summer stipends for faculty mentored research projects. Read more about this and other research grants.


BRAC Interns

The Benjamin Rush Advisory Council (BRAC) has 2-3 interns from the sophomore, junior, and senior classes who serve as liaisons between current pre-health professional students and Franklin & Marshall College’s Health Professions alumni.  Throughout the academic year the interns work closely with the Director of Health Professions Advising to strengthen Franklin & Marshall College’s strong Health Professions program. 

Each year, BRAC interns serve on panels for Health Professions question-and-answer sessions and informally meet with individual students to provide guidance regarding the Health Professions curriculum and higher education application process.  The BRAC interns have also been leaders in the establishment of various programs.  For example, in 2005, the BRAC interns were instrumental in the creation of the Benjamin Rush Honor Society, F&M's Pre-Health Professions honor society.  More recently, in 2008, the interns began the Health Professions Buddy System to facilitate communication between the classes and to encourage upperclassmen to guide and support their underclassmen buddies during the challenging Pre- Health Professions years.

In March and April of each year, the interns assist students looking for summer internships with health professional alumni.  During the daily “office-hours,” the interns identify alumni in the student’s preferred geographic region who are working in the student’s field of interest.  Many alumni of diverse specialties have previously signed up for the program and are interested in spending time with and mentoring an F&M student.  The interns provide the contact information and guidance on how the student should professionally approach the alumni.  These summer internships and shadowing opportunities can provide students with valuable hands-on experience in the health professions and contact with terrific alumni role models.  

Any students or alumni who would like to participate in a summer internship or shadowing program are invited to contact the BRAC interns by email at.