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The Pre-Health Student Abroad

Off-campus study is an excellent means of developing some of the personal qualities inherent to healthcare—cultural sensitivity, observation and listening skills, self-reliance, adaptability and resilience, and communication skills, just to name a few.  In your travels you might find the opportunity to observe healthcare systems different from our own (and make interesting comparisons) and see firsthand how various cultural attitudes toward health, healing, and doctors can be.  F&M students in recent years have studied in Denmark, London, South Africa, Kenya, India, several countries in South America, and more.  Experiences like these broaden your knowledge of health issues and ultimately make you better prepared for the professional life that lies ahead of you.  Not only will you have practical experience to draw in application essays and interviews some day, but your off-campus study will expand your perspective in ways you cannot anticipate—and enrich your education in health professional school, in your patient care training, and in your whole career well after your years at F&M.

For more detailed information about how to organize your course schedule if studying abroad, as well as other important considerations, please read the complete handout, The Pre-health Student Abroad

For a list of programs that may be of interest in pre-health students, please check out Off-Campus Study Programs for Pre-health Students. 

Make sure to visit the Office of International & Off-Campus Study to discuss all of your options.