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The Law School Admission Test (LSAT)

What is the LSAT?

The LSAT is an important factor in admission to law school. Scores range from 120 to 180 with 151 being the approximate median.In addition to the standardized, machine-scored part of the LSAT, there is a writing exercise. The writing sample is not scored, but a copy of it is sent to each law school receiving an examinee's LSAT score.

The LSAT itself presumes to test a student's ability to do the types of thinking considered essential for success in law school, but it is not an intelligence or general aptitude test. Except for the writing exercise, questions try to measure reading comprehension, analytical reasoning, and logical reasoning. More information, including sample questions and practice exams, can be found on the LSAC website at

When do I take the LSAT?

The actual LSAT is not taken for practice, nor as a rule should it be taken prior to the end of the junior year. Each time is "for keeps," and one's score does not necessarily improve very much, if at all, if the test is repeated. (Students who do well should retest only if they are convinced that another attempt will produce substantially better results.) Generally, however, a student scoring below the median has little to lose by trying again.

Which scores are submitted to the laws schools to which I apply?

If you have multiple LSAT scores, going back five years, all scores are reported. If you have already taken the LSAT and are considering whether to take it again, you should meet with the Pre-Law Advisor.

How do I prepare for the LSAT?

Before taking the LSAT, be sure to practice. Preparation for the test is essential. Several practice books for the LSAT are available for self-instruction, and many students swear to their usefulness. The LSAT/LSDAS Information Book, contains a sample test. Moreover, Law Services will sell copies of old tests (information about ordering old tests is found in the Information Book). At the very least, exposure to such sample questions will remove the element of surprise when you take the test.

Register for the LSAT

For more information about the LSAT and to register for the test, visit: