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Curriculum Overview

The study of theatre at Franklin & Marshall College embraces all aspects of dramatic art as part of a liberal arts education. Interdisciplinary by nature, theatre studies allow all students to develop aesthetic responses and abilities in understanding and making dramatic works of art. The collective aesthetic and intellectual activities that make up the work of theatre, including reading, writing, discussing, creating and performing, help students develop skills necessary for useful, collaborative, and productive participation in society.

The theatre program at F&M integrates theory and practice as students develop historical knowledge and critical thinking skills and combine them with current practices in performance, playwriting, directing, design, and studies in drama.

Introductory courses, as well as departmental productions, are open to all College students, including those without previous theatre experience.

A major in Theatre consists of a minimum of 12 credits and the successful completion of at least two crew assignments.

TDF 110. Foundations of World Theatre.
TDF 121. Stagecraft.
TDF 186. Acting I.
TDF 225. Costume Design or TDF 228. Scene Design or TDF 229. Lighting Design. TDF 283. Playwriting I.
Two Theatre Studies Courses: (Asian Theatre and Dance, Political Theatre and Social Change, Shakespeare in Performance, Solo Performance Art, Studies in Women Playwrights/Women’s Roles, Studies in Modern & Contemporary American Drama, Studies in Modern & Contemporary European Drama, Special Topics)
TDF 386. Directing.
TDF 385. Production Studio. (two at 0.5 credits each)
TDF 495. Senior Seminar.
Two crew assignments
Two electives (Acting II (a, b, c, d), Playwriting II, Writing the Short Film, Dramatic Adaptation, additional Theatre studies courses above the requirement, or additional Design courses above the requirement).

To be considered for honors in theatre, graduating seniors must meet the College’s general requirements for honors, with a project approved by at least two members of the theatre faculty.

Majors in the Department of Theatre, Dance and Film have studied abroad in the following programs in recent years: British American Drama Academy; University of London, Royal Holloway College, London; SIT, Prague, Czech Republic; IES, Milan and London; Laban, London, Bilkent Exchange in Ankara, Turkey; Interstudy University of Cape Town, South Africa; University of Glasgow, Scotland; ASE Bath, England; Queen Mary College at University of London, and National Theatre Institute at the O’Neill Theatre Center, Connecticut. See the International Programs section of the “Catalog” for further information.

A minor in Theatre consists of six courses: Origins of World Theatre, Acting I, Playwriting I, a design course (scene, lighting or costume), one theatre studies course, and one elective.