• tim1
Visiting Assistant Professor of Government


PhD, 2011, Politics Department, Brandeis University 
BA, 2004, James Madison College, Michigan State University
                      Majors: Political Theory and English 


General: Political Theory; American Politics

Special: History of Political Thought; Politics and Literature; Politics of Taxation; Democratic Theory; Politics of Complicity; Moral Responsibility; American Political Thought; Rhetoric & Writing


"Good Readers and Good Liberals: Nabokov's Aesthetic Liberalism," Political Theory (forthcoming) [link]
Right-Wing Radicalism Today: Perspectives from Europe and the US, Co-Editor 
with Sabine von Mering, New York: Routledge, 2013 [link]
“Stateless in the Huckleberry Field: Thoreau and the Problem of Tax Revolts,” Polity (under review)


“The Specter of the Phantom 47%: Understanding the Critique of the Non-Taxpaying Class,” New York State Political Science Association, April 2014

“The Fiscal Firing Squad: Taxation and Collective Responsibility,” Northeastern Political Science Association, November 2013

“Nabokov’s Aesthetic Liberalism: Individual Rights Against the Tyranny of General Ideas,” American Political Science Association, September 2011

“Democracy Against Democratization: Rentier States and the Perverse Incentives of Global Democratic Norms,” co-authored with Jonathan L. Snow, New England Political Science Association Conference, April 2010

“Two Types of Tax Revolt: Reconsidering Thoreau, Gandhi, and the Tea Party Tradition,” Northeastern Political Science Association, November 2009

“What We Talk About When We Talk About Taxes,” Northeastern Political Science Association Conference, November 2008

“Secession, Justice, and Revolution: On the Wisdom of a Legal Right to Just-Cause Secession,” New England Political Science Association, April 2008

“Putting Domination First: A Re-Examination of Republican Freedom,” Northeastern Political Science Association Conference, November 2007

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Current Courses at F&M:

  • Modern Political Theory
  • Democratic Theory
  • Liberal Political Thought
  • Socrates & Zarathustra
  • Virtue & Vice in Politics
  • The Truth About Lies