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Anthony P. Chemero

Professor of Psychology and Scientific and Philosophical Studies of the Mind
Office: LSP121
Summary: Philosophy of Cognitive Science, Embodied Cognition, Ecological Psychology


Ph.D., Indiana University, 1999 (Philosophy and Cognitive Science) 
B.A., Tufts University, 1991 (Philosophy)

Research Interests

Philosophy of Cognitive Science

Embodied Cognition

Ecological Psychology

Philosophy of Science


M. Silberstein & A. Chemero, “Complexity and the Extension of Cognition across Multiple Scales”, Topics in Cognitive Science, forthcoming, 2011.


N. Stepp*, A. Chemero, & M. Turvey, "Philosophy of the Rest of Cognitive Science", Topics in Cognitive Science, forthcoming, 2010.


D. Dotov*, L. Nie*, &A. Chemero, “A Demonstration of the Transition from Readiness-to-hand to Unreadiness-to-hand”, PLoS ONE 5(3): e9433. doi:10.1371/journal.pone.0009433, 2010.


A. Chemero & C. Heyser, “Methodology and Ontology in the Behavioral Neurosciences: Object exploration as a case study”, in J. Bickle (ed.), Oxford Handbook of Philosophy and Neuroscience, 68-90, Oxford University Press, 2009.


A. Chemero & M. Silberstein, “After the Philosophy of Mind”, Philosophy of Science, 75, 1-27, 2008.


Scientific and Philosophical Studies of Mind Program