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Anthony J. Ugolnik

Dr. Elijah E. Kresge Professor of English, Emeritus
Office: KEI316

Professional Biography

Anthony Ugolnik is an Eastern Orthodox priest, now serving in the Ukrainian Orthodox Church of the USA.  He is a parish priest in Coatesville, Pa. (28 miles from Lancaster), and he has published theological work. (Virtually all of that theological work is connected to his background in literature, a common connection in the Orthodox tradition.)  Much of that work is published under his given name in childhood and in the Orthodox Church, Anton Ugolnik.  ("Anthony" is the American version of the same name.)  He has been a visiting scholar at the Theological Academy in St. Petersburg, Russia, and has lectured on culture, pluralism and theology in Russia, Ukraine, Albania, Istanbul, Rome, and is a participant in a number of theological dialogues.

He combines literary theory with theology,  treating theology as analogous to religion as theory is analogous to literature.  One of his main interests is culture and the arts as a means to dialogue among traditions.  He has also lectured and written widely on the subject of sexuality and religious tradition.  Currently he is working on AIDS/HIV education and prevention programs in South Africa, where he will work in early 2007.  Using theological and cultural resources, he seeks some collaboration and cooperation between those programs administered by religious and secular organizations.


  • Chautauqua Institution: Arts and the People of the Book (5 lectures)
  • Massachusetts School of the Arts: Sex, the Human Body and Spirituality (3 lectures)
  • Princeton Center of Theological Inquiry: "Living in Skin: Masculinity, Sexuality, and Eastern Christian Thought"
  • University of Saskatchewan, "Windows on the East" series: Embodiment and Sexuality in the Christian East (3 lectures)
  • Cambridge University, England: "The pre-Christian C.S. Lewis."
  • St. John's University, Jaroslav Pelikan Festschrift Series: "Eastern Orthodoxy in a Postmodern Wor

Course Information

Men in Literature (Constructs of Masculinity); Medieval Literature: Anglo Saxon poetry, Norse sagas; Medieval Literature: Middle English exclusive of Chaucer; Medieval Literature: Chaucer; Medieval Literature: Middle English Mystics; Literature and Religious Tradition; Mysticism and Prayer; Liturgy and Literature;War and Contemporary Literature: Literature and Modern War Narrative