• hartin
Visiting Assistant Professor of Psychology


  • B..A. Psychology, The University of Alabama, 2009.
  • M.A. Experimental Psychology, Kent State University, 2011
  • Ph.D. Experimental Psychology, Kent State University, August 2014


In general, the goal of my research program is to understand the cognitive mechanisms underlying early language acquisition and the development of metacognitive awareness. Specifically, I am interested in children's use of mental representations during word-learning experiences and children's ability to reflect on their own knowledge of language. I am also interested in collaborative projects, particularly research applicable to early literacy and education.

Teaching Interests

My primary teaching interests include courses that are relevant to cognition and cognitivedevelopment. I would like to broaden my teaching experience to include Introductory Psychology, Research Methods, Lab Courses in Psychology, Adolescent Psychology, and Infant Psychology. I am also very much interested in leading discussion-based seminars covering a variety of specialized topics, including language development, metacognition, cognition and education, autism spectrum disorder and/or other developmental disabilities, reading processes, and category formation.


Scofield, J., Miller, A., & Hartin, T. (2011). Object movement and location in children's word learning. Journal of Child Language 38 (1).


Hartin, T., Stevenson, C., & Merriman, W. (under review). Exposure to objects that contrast in familiarity improves children’s lexical knowledge judgments.

Hartin, T. & Merriman, W. (under review). Children’s interpretation of a label for an individuated object: Dependence on age and ontological kind. Thoma, S., J., Scofield, J., Casterline, S., & Hartin, T. (under review). Using social domain information to predict social actions.