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Tuition and Fees

Tuition and Fees for the 2014-2015 academic year for first-year students are:

Tuition $48,414
Room (Standard Double Room) $7,330
Board (225 Meal Block Plan) $4,955
Orientation Fee $200
Health Services Fee $100
Total Tuition & Fees $60,999

The following funding options are available to enable many families to ensure affordability:

  • Federal Stafford Loans are fixed-rate, low-interest loans available to students.  The principal can be deferred until graduation from the College with extended repayment periods.

  • The TMS Payment Plan provides families with an interest-free monthly payment plan whereby all or part of the Franklin & Marshall charges are divided into monthly installments.  Monthly payments normally begin in June and continue for 10 months.

  • Federal PLUS Loans are fixed-rate parental loans with extended repayment terms and principal deferment options.

  • Private Alternative Loans offer variable rate student loans through private lenders.  These loans require meeting the credit criteria of the lender and typically require a co-signer.

  • Additional grant dollars may be available to supplement a student's financial aid package when a family's economic circumstances have changed. The College applies a consistent awarding methodology and requires additional documentation from families requesting supplemental aid.

  • Campus employment presents an opportunity for students to work up to ten hours per week and contribute to their spending money and miscellaneous expenses.

Please contact the Office of Financial Aid (717-291-3991) regarding the details of these programs.