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Home of the LIONS

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  • About Our House
  • Founded in 2005 as "North Benjamin Franklin House," our house was re-named "Ware College House" in honor of Paul Ware '72, P'99 and his wife Judy P'99 and in recognition of their support for both Franklin and Marshall College and our house.

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House Coat of Arms and Symbolism

Our house coat of arms was designed by Ana Tamargo '08. The shield is "Burgundy, a chevron azure between an open book and two lions rampant or, supporting a compass proper."

The symbols on the house shield are important for understanding the Ware College House. The chevron represents a house and is symbolic of the Ware College House as a home for our students. The open book represents lifelong learning and the pursuit of reason and truth, while the lion (our house mascot) represents courage and passion. The compass (our house symbol), hoisted aloft by the lions, represents the journey our students begin when they enter Franklin and Marshall College, the role of the Ware College House in guiding our students along that journey, and the hope that our students will always find their way back to their home in the Ware College House.

House Motto

  • Ware House Motto

Emitte Lucem et Veritatem (Send Forth Light and Truth) is a call for our students to pursue reason and truth, and to be active agents in the world.

House Colors

  • Ware Compass

Our main colors are F&M Blue and Burgundy, which represent reason & truth (blue), and passion (burgundy). We endeavor to instill in our students that great accomplishments occur when well-reasoned ideas and plans are pursued with passion.

Facebook (below) and Twitter (right) activity:

Check out this short video of Ware HA, Oyere Etta discussing the significance of the wonderful common spaces that we share in Ware College House and how they serve as a "third space" that enhances our community!

  • The Compass Screen Shot
  • The Compass
  • Check out Vol. II, Issue 3 Summer 2012) of The Compass, the official newsletter of Ware College House!

Check out footage from our recent Ware in the World Pie Eating Contest!

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  • For New Students!
  • Are you a new student looking for more information on everything from moving in to traveling abroad? If so, follow the link!