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2011-2012 Events

The 2011-2012 academic year was one of the most active in the history of Ware College House!  Check out information on some of the events and initiatives that went on in WARE during the year!

Ware College House Activities, Academic Year 2011-2012

1.     Orientation Move-in Day

The hard-working and enthusiastic HA’s welcomed the Class of 2015 to Ware by helping them move their belongings out of their cars and into their rooms, helping them begin a new segment of their lives.

2.     Orientation Color Wars

Another important part of Orientation is the bonding between members of the Ware College House, and that was improved through a little friendly hall competition. Whether it was battling it out in a sock war, tug of war, or battle of wits, the class of 2015 laughed and bonded more through this great event, set up by the HA’s. 2nd Rauch was the winner of this competition.

However, there was also a campus wide-competition between halls from different houses, complete with banners and theme songs. Ware represented itself well, competing with passion in each and every single event, all the while bonding with members of other houses and meeting new friends.

3.     Ware Orientation Dinner-Dance

The class of 2015 was transported by bus into downtown Lancaster for a semi-formal dinner-dance with the House Dean and Don, as well as with their HA’s. All enjoyed a fun-filled night of dancing and food.

4.     Ware Bagel Breakfasts

A weekly tradition of the Ware College House, Bagel Breakfast is a great way for students to start off their Tuesdays. Warm, chewy bagels with cream cheese, orange juice or coffee, Mozart, and friendly conversation with the rest of Ware College House is enough to get any student up at 8:30 in the morning.

5.     Ware in the World Ice Cream Social

Students enjoyed some delicious ice cream sundaes on a Friday evening, all the while learning more about Ware in the World and all the community service opportunities it provides!

6.     Ware Cooking Workshops

These events provided Warians the opportunity to learn how to cook everything from pizza to apple pie. An interesting, and delicious, event for all that were involved!

7.     Hershey Park in the Dark Trip/Hershey Bears Hockey Game

A large number of Warians took part in the second annual trip to Hershey Park in the Dark. They enjoyed a fun-filled evening of good-natured scares and rides!

The other group of Warians attended a Hershey Bears hockey game and had a blast cheering on the Bears!

8.     Ware Fall Festival

Another Ware College House tradition, the Fall Festival, was incredibly successful yet again, with students, faculty and family members all convening on the Great Room for an evening full of pumpkin carving, pie, cider, and good company!

9.     Ware Halloween Dance

The first annual Ware Halloween Dance was hosted in Ben’s Underground. Attended by members of all college houses, the event included a live DJ, spooky costumes and fun!

10. Ware Mentors Advising Event

The newly founded Ware Mentors program hosted an event in the Great Room where Mentor/Mentee partners met to discuss the class selection process. It was well attended and certainly helped the class of 2015!

11. Ware Sunday Night Supper Series

This new event, created by the Social Committee of Ware Parliament, occurred throughout the year, providing students with an alternative dining option on Sunday evenings. Everything from Chinese to breakfast for dinner was provided, and this event has been a huge success!

12. Ware Sustainability: Consumerism and the Environment

This event had two professors host a discussion in the Great Room regarding American and international consumerism and its effects on the environment. An insightful, well attended and interesting discussion, complete with pumpkin pie and cider!

13. Ware Unplugged

Held on a Friday night in November, this event was an opportunity for Warians to hear and see their fellow housemates talents. Poetic and musical performances highlighted the evening.

14. Ware in the World Coat Drive

Ware in the World hosted their annual coat drive in an attempt to provide needy local families and individuals with warm coats for the chilly winter season.

15. Ware Winter Bash

Another Ware tradition, the Winter Bash was a hit among faculty, family members of faculty, and students. Ginger-bread house making, cookie decorating, driedel playing and various other activities filled the Great Room, while holiday music and movies played in the background. Well-attended, and a lot of seasonal fun, this event was a huge success and was thoroughly enjoyed by all involved.

16. Food for Finals

The Ware Kitchen was filled nightly with various food options for students to snack on while taking a break from their diligent studying for finals. A welcome break for students and another successful event.

17. Ice Skating at Clipper Stadium

Warians enjoyed a Friday evening ice-skating at Clipper Stadium with fellow housemates and classmates. Organized by cooperation between the houses, this event was fun-filled, although a little chilly!

18. Ware Talks

Throughout the year, Warians participated in academic discussions regarding current events and issues. Ranging from polarization in American politics to the assassination of Anwar-al-Awlaki, they were both insightful and intellectually satisfying. Moderated by Professor Eigen, and with visits from professors in various departments, one can be sure that these talks will continue next year!

19. Ware-Weis Super Bowl Party

This event was incredibly well attended as students took a break from their studies to watch the Patriots and Giants battle it out for the NFL title. Although there were several disappointed Patriots fans, our Prime and Deputy Prime Ministers included, everyone enjoyed the game and the food.

20. Ware’s the Pi?

The annual HA pie-eating contest was held in the College Center this year and was co-sponsored by Alpha Delta Pi sorority and the Ware College House. However, this year, it pitted HA’s from different houses against each other in an epic pie-eating contest in which our house finished second. The event raised money for the Ronald McDonald House and was successful.

21. March Madness

Ware once again had the NCAA tournament bracket challenge, with many Warians participating for the grand prize of Ware Wear! This year’s winner was Leslie Bacile, member of the Class of 2015.

22. Ware Garden

This spring, the Sustainability Committee planned to plant a garden outside of Ware to promote sustainability and to improve the appearance of the house. With the help of student volunteers and with donations of equipment from Facilities and Operations, Sustainability Committee planted the garden, and it sure does look fantastic!

23. BeWare the Goat

During a Closer Look, Ware in the World had another baby goat out on Hartman Green in an attempt to raise money for Heifer International. Very successful in fundraising, as Ware in the World raised over $100!

24. Senior Night

Hosted in the Ware Great Room, the seniors enjoyed an evening of cocktails and hors-d’oeuvres with their fellow classmates as they prepared to leave Franklin and Marshall to move onto jobs and graduate schools.

25. Inter-House BBQ

Held on the last day of classes, the Inter-House BBQ was a well-attended and fun-filled event, as the class of 2015 got together for one last time before finals week.