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Arts Fellowship


  1. To give opportunities for students in Ware College House to have opportunities for artistic expression for the mutual benefit of the House member and the House.

  2. To create opportunities to utilize the commons in Ware College House as a “third space.”

  3. To create works of art for display in the Ware College House commons as a means of improving and changing the House environment over time.

  4. To further enhance a sense creativity, loyalty, and identity between the House and its members.

Description: The Ware Arts Endowment provides an opportunity for Warians to create works of art to be put on display or performed in the Ware College House commons.  These works of art can come in any of a number of mediums both physical (painting, metal/woodwork, drawing, photograph) and not (song, dance, music, performance.)  Though it is not required, it is strongly suggested that the art created through the endowment will relate in one way or another to Ware College House in theme, imagery, or symbolism.  

Project types: Projects to be funded by Ware Arts Fellowships include (but are not limited to): Architecture & Design; Crafts & Traditional Arts; Dance; Literature; Media; Music; Theater Arts; Visual Arts.

Projects are encouraged to relate directly to Ware College House and its members.  Suggested imagery, theme, or symbolism includes (but is not limited to): The Ware crest, Compass, Lion, flag; House spaces, members, motto, events, colors, or principles.

Project Proposals: In order to apply for a fellowship, applicants must provide a detailed proposal for their project that will include:

  • Project name and description

  • Desired outcomes & statement of purpose

  • Explanation of how the project relates to Ware College House

  • A total budget request with itemized list of materials or associated costs

  • Timeline for project completion, exhibit, display, and/or performance

Selection Process: Project proposals will be submitted to the Ware College House Parliament House Life Committee for consideration.  Projects deemed worthy among the committee will be presented at a full meeting of Parliament for a vote.  Individuals who are applying for funding may present their proposals in person to the full Parliament to further explain their desired goals and outcomes.

Contact your Ware Parliament Representative for more information about how to apply!