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Our Lovely HAs

  • Dylan Cullen

Dylan Cullen '16
3rd Schaeffer
Hometown: Havertown, PA
Major/ Minor: Pre-Med track
Ware College House Activities: Everything we do as Warians is simply amazing. We become more like a family then residents. Everything we do together is my favorite.
Interests: I am a very athletic person and sports are everything to me! I am a firefighter back home and I devote most of my time,outside of school, to training and learning about firefighting. 
On-Campus Activities: I am a member of a group called C.O.P.S we meet weekly with a Public Safety Officer to discuss how we can make the F&M community safer. This is a great group and I am will to talk to anyone who would like I hear about how to get involved. 
Favorite Movie/ TV show: Tough call on the movie, I guess to me it depends in the category. Either National Lampoon's: Christmas Vacation or My Cousin Vinny. Favorite show would have to be either The Mentalist or Big Bang Theory.
Favorite Books: On Call In Hell by CDR. Richard Jadick
Favorite Music: Country, but I enjoy most every kind of music.
Favorite courses taken at F&M: Carla Willard's Black American Film or Outsiders with Nelligan
Fun fact about me: I love to help people no matter what the circumstances. Come talk anytime you need to! 
Words of the Wise...: Remember Who You Are, because Nice Matters!

  • Carl Patterson

Carl Patterson ‘16
3rd Mull
Hometown: Allentown, PA
Major/ Minor: Double Major BOS and Philosophy
Interests: In my free time, I love listening to music, reading, and playing video games. I like hanging out with friends and meeting new people as well.
On campus activities: Varsity Swimming Team
The F&M Chessmen
The F&M Players
Ware College House Parliament
and I'm still looking for more!
Favorite Ware college house event: I'm involved as a Representative on Ware Parliament which is a ton of fun, but I have to say that Professor Eigen's book club is tied for first with the House's karaoke nights.
Favorite Movie/ TV show: I'm gonna say that my favorite movie is Gladiator. My favorite TV show is whatever is on TV where I am; I don't watch television very often.
Favorite Books: My favorite book is the first of a series named after it, The Black Company. It's about a group of mercenaries that end up realizing they're fighting for the immoral side of a war.
Favorite Music: I listen to a lot of music, but at the moment my favorite band is The Airborne Toxic Event.
Favorite courses taken at F&M: My most favorite course that I've taken was Masters and Disciples, taught by Professor Aronowicz.
Favorite food at bagel breakfast: The everything bagel!
Fun fact about me: I'll write you a poem if you ask nicely.

  • Arnela Ombasic

Arnela Ombasic ‘14
3rd Muhlenburg
Hometown: Zenica, Bosnia And Herzegovina
Major/ Minor: Sociology, International Studies Minor
Interests: I love being around people who make me laugh.  I love reading, playing volleyball, running,  trying new things and new food, and meeting new people.  
On campus activities: Gray Scholar's co-chiar, Kappa Delta, Member of IWOC (International Women's Outreach Committee. 
Favorite Ware college house event: Ice Cream Socials
Favorite Movie/ TV show: Once Upon A Time,  Criminal Minds, Cold Case, NCIS (DC), and Will & Grace. I love all the Harry Potter films, Mary Poppins, and It Takes Two
Favorite Books: Pride And Prejudice,  Palace Walk (The Cairo Trilogy), The Sound And The Fury, A Beautiful Mind, Tiger Eyes by Judy Blume, and pretty much anything written by Mary Hahn Downing; The Wind Blows Backwards, As Ever Gordy, Following My Own Footsteps...and more!
Favorite Music: Raised By Swans, Jeff Buckley,  A Fine Frenzy, Britney Spears, Rihanna, and of course Michael Jackson
Favorite courses taken at F&M: Intro to Sociology, Culture of Chocolate, Intro to International Studies
Favorite food at bagel breakfast: BPlain bagel with cream cheese. 
Fun fact about me: I have a twin sister who also goes to F&M

  • Colleen Gallagher

Colleen Gallagher
Hometown: Langhorne, PA
Major/ Minor: Chemistry
Interests: Sleeping when I should be awake, Arts 'n' Crafts, Eating amounts that temporarily make me hate myself, Playing rugby, and of course Watching lame movies
On campus activities: Women's Rugby Capitan and Kappa Delta Sorority
Favorite Ware college house event: Bagel Breakfasts and Ware Books with Don Eigen
Favorite Movie/ TV show: Brave. Brave. Brave. Brave. (Merida is my spirit animal)
Favorite Books: The Girl in the Steel Corset
Favorite Music: Celtic Punk
Favorite courses taken at F&M: General Chemistry 1
Favorite food at bagel breakfast: Plain bagel with cream cheese. 
Fun fact about me: I was Miss Irish of my county my senior year in high school. I had a sash and a tiara and got to ride on the back of a convertible in a parade. They didn't even make me wear a seatbelt. 

  • Jack Searer '15

Jack Searer ‘15
ABROAD 1st semester
Hometown: York, PA
Major/ Minor: Business, Organization, and Society
Ware College House Activities: This will be my first year being an HA and I am very excited to get to know everyone on my hall and helping them make a good transition into college living.
Interests: Ping pong, paintball, billiards, GOLF!, hurdling (track and field), and sleeping(International Women's Outreach Committee. 
On-Campus Activities: I'm involved heavily in the music programs at F&M, including Symphonic Wind Ensemble (SWE) and Jazz Band. I am also in the Men's Ultimate Frisbee Club and Volleyball Club. I'm also a member of the Harbaugh Club.
Favorite Ware college house event: Definitely the sunday night dinners
Favorite Movie/ TV show: Forrest Gump
Favorite Books: Heart of Darkness
Favorite Music: Coldplay, Dawes, Mumford and Sons, Florence + the Machine...alternative rock and classic rock, some electronic music depending on the day
Favorite courses taken at F&M:American Government (GOV 100) with Professor Schousen
Fun fact about me: My real name is John, however I've gone by the nickname Jack since I was born
Words of the Wise...: "Learn quickly how to manage your time so you can have time to do your school work, time to relax and socialize, and time to be involved in other activities such as clubs and sports."

  • Chase TenBrook

Chase TenBrook '16
1st Mull
Hometown: Milville, NJ
Major: Neuroscience
Interests: Play soccer, socialize, listen to music
Campus activities:  Volunteer monkey trainer at vivarium. Men's soccer team member. 0.08 member. Ware Parliament-Operations Chair. 1 in 4. SAPP. 
Favorite Ware College House Event: Candlelight service for Eric
Favorite Book: And then there were none
Favorite Movie/TV show: Momento
Favorite Music: Alternative/dubstep/metal
Favorite Course taken at F&M: Evolution
Favorite food at Bagel Breakfast: Blueberry bagel ! 
Words of wisdom...: "Go above and beyond in the classroom to make sure you understand all the of material so that you can be active in other things outside of the classroom by studying less."

  • Zander Levitt

Zander Levit '16

1st Schaeffer
Hometown: Gladwyne, PA
Major: Undecided
Interests: Basketball, Football, Reading, Video Games, Hanging out
Ware College House activities: Thanksgiving Dinner, End of the year BBQ, Food for finals
Campus activities: I am currently the House Life Chair of Ware Parliament, a member of the Men's Ultimate Frisbee team, A brother of Phi Kappa Psi Fraternity, and a member of F&M players.
Favorite TV Show: Movie: Any superhero (especially Batman), Harry Potter, or Disney movie! TV show: Psych, How I Met Your Mother, Sherlock, The Office
Favorite book: Harry Potter 1-7
Favorite music artist: Queen
Favorite courses taken at F&M: Spanish 202 with David Barretto and Myth and History with Danny Frese
Favorite food at bagel breakfast: Cinnamon raison bagel 
Words of the wise: "College is 15% school, 85% you. Your experience will be what you make of it. Get involved, work hard, and the rest will fall into place."

  • oyere etta

Oyere Etta ‘15
ABROAD 1st semester
Hometown: Katy, Tx
Major/ Minor: Joint Philosophy-BOS Major, French Minor
Interests: Hahaha, I don't have free time...
But I sing a lot. And read. And snack. 
On campus activities: I sing with the Poor Richards and I'm a tour guide.
Favorite Ware college house event: Wareoke ! And the Sunday Supper Series. 
Favorite Movie/ TV show: Arrested Development, 30 Rock, Despicable Me 1&2
Favorite Music: Lauryn Hill above all else.
Favorite courses taken at F&M: Nature of Hope with Dr. Penn
Favorite food at bagel breakfast: Plain. I'm a simple person.

  • Rachel Abramowitz

Rachel Abramowitz '16
2nd Muhlenberg
Hometown: Plymouth Meeting, PA
Major: Undeclared
Interests: I love hanging out with friends and family, cooking and/or baking (then of course eating whatever I make), crafting, traveling and just having a good time!
Campus activities: Hillel, Kappa Delta, work at Auxiliary Services, Ware in the World, and Interfaith Council!
Favorite Ware college house event: Finals Food for Thought, Ware in the World, and of course Bagel Breakfast!
Favorite Movie/ TV Show: The Princess Bride and Forrest Gump are my two favorite movies, Scrubs is probably my favorite TV show. 
Favorite book: To Kill A Mockingbird
Favorite music: Anything that doesn't give me a headache!

Favorite courses taken at F&M: Probably Sociology 100 with Professor Faulkner
Fun fact about me: I love ice cream more than anything else ever. Also, if I could be anyone, I would be Anthony Bourdain.
Words of the wise...: Be nice! (Really, though. It's not that hard.) Also, go Google "Dr. Seuss quotes" and read them.

  • Emily Durocher 2

Emily Durocher '16
2nd Mull
Hometown: Southington, CT
Major: Neuroscience/Pre-Med
Interests: I enjoy socializing with friends, working out, crafting, and playing my violin. 
Favorite Ware College House activity: My favorite Ware activities are the annual Ware Thanksgiving dinner where all Warians are invited to join in celebrating Thanksgiving as a Ware family complete with a great meal. I also LOVED Wareaoke this year!
On campus activities: F&M Student Athletic Trainer, Sophomore Parliament Representative, Ware Social Chair, Kappa Delta Sorority, F&M SLAM, F&M Orchestra, Philharmonia, and .08.
Favorite Movie/TV show: 13 Going on 30, Criminal Minds, or True Stories of the ER
Favorite Book: And Then There Were None By Agatha Christie
Favorite artist: I listen to most genres...i'm honestly one of those people that changes the song constantly! But I love One Republic!
Favorite course taken at F&M: General Chemistry 1 with Professor Moog
Favorite food at bagel breakfast: Cinnamon Raison with Plain Cream Cheese...yummmm :) 
Words of wisdom: "I would urge you to make connections with professors and upperclassmen. For professors, stop by office hours within the first week or two to introduce yourself and use them as a resource for help throughout the semester. As for upperclassmen, they are ALWAYS willing to help if you reach out. Their knowledge of F&M (socially and academically) is the best kept secret around!

  • London Bailey

London Bailey '16
1st Schaeffer 
Hometown: Memphis, TN
Major: Government & History
Interests: Playing Basketball, Dancing, Karaoke
Campus activities: Active Minds
Favorite Ware college house event: Wareoke, truly a can't miss event!
Favorite Movie/ TV Show: Burn Notice
Favorite book: Ghostwritten by David Mitchell
Favorite music: Country
Favorite courses taken at F&M: Truth About Lies
Favorite food at bagel breakfast: Plain Bagel
Fun fact about me: I once scored over 60 points in a basketball game.
Words of the wise...: Don't waste your time looking for easy classes, focus on giving your best effort and you will be rewarded.

  • Ibrahim Kamara

Ibrahim Kamara
1st Rauch

Hometown: Philidelphia, PA
Major: Government & Spanish Double Major
Interests: I am an avid football (soccer) player and have been since I was a child. Needless to say, most of my free time is spent playing, practicing, or watching games. When I am not completely immersed in football, (and that is rare), I am kicking it (pun intended) with family and friends. 
Ware College House activities: No doubt Sunday Night Supper Series. It is the most convenient thing.
Campus activities: I am a member of the Franklin & Marshall Men's Soccer team.
Favorite Movie/ TV Show: I can't not watch the Dark Knight if it is on. I also love Remember The Titans and Inception. My favorite show is Arrested Development
Favorite book:Its impossible to answer this genuinely, so I'll just say the fourth Harry Potter. 
Favorite music: My musical taste is random. I do not have a favorite genre, though I am more likely to be listening to rap than anything else. However, don't be surprised if you find some Coldplay or a random house song on my iPod. I am also heavily influenced by African music as well, especially Sierra Leonean, Nigerian, Ghanian, and Ivorian, stemming from my West African roots. 
Favorite courses taken at F&M: Surprisingly, after my first and likely only Psychology class, my favorite course thus far has been Psych 100 with Professor Abbott. 
Favorite food at bagel breakfast: Blueberry whenever I can get them. There are never any left. Guess I have to wake up earlier...
Fun fact about me: Abraham Lincoln and I have the same birthday, and although I dislike when people call me Abraham, my name literally and ironically means Abraham. So people often think I was named after him (funny, but not the case). 
Words of the wise: Everyone who has got here he has, has had to begin where he was.

  • Sarah Craft

Sarah Craft '16
2nd Mull
Hometown East Greenwich, RI
Major: Anthropology/Archaeology
Interests: I love cooking and baking, as well as crafting, reading, and hanging out with friends! 
Campus activities: I'm a member of the LGBTA and Active Minds on campus.
Favorite Ware college house event: I love all the food related activities such as Thanksgiving Dinner, Food for Finals, and Frozen Fridays. I also really enjoyed Wareaoke last year! 
Favorite Movie/ TV Show: NCIS, Bones, Castle, How I Met Your Mother, Chopped, So You Think You Can Dance, The Voice, Remember the Titans, Parent Trap, Sound of Music, No Reservations (the movie), etc.
Favorite book:  Harry Potter, Divergent, Hunger Games, and The Devil Wears Prada.
Favorite music artist: Elton John-.-I like his style. Feel the love.

Favorite bagel at bagel breakfast: I have celiac so I can't eat bagels, but I used to love everything bagels!
Fun fact about me: I skipped a grade!
Words of the wise...: "You're an adult now so act like it. Your parents aren't around to do things for you anymore and it's time to take control of your own life." AND "You are going to have to make priorities and base your choices on those priorities."

  • Sam Feibel

Sam Feibel '16
1st Rauch
Hometown: Simsbury, CT
Major: Geoscience/Film
Interests: Photography, Hiking, Cello, Travel

Campus activities: Orchestra, Philharmonia, Phi Kappa Psi Fraternity
Favorite Ware college house event: Thanksgiving Dinner
Favorite Movie/ TV Show: The Deer Hunter, Twin Peaks/Anything by David Lynch
Favorite book: The Things They Carried
Favorite music: Vivaldi, Bach, The Dirty Projectors, Com Truise, The Police
Favorite courses taken at F&M: Life on Mars with Professor Andy DeWet
Favority Food at bagel breakfast: Would have been all about poppyseed if I'd ever been up early enough to go...
Fun fact about me: I have five pet ducks
Words of the wise...: Sit in the front of class, dress well, and be involved.

  • moe alhammami

Mohammed Alhammami ‘15
2nd Schaeffer
Hometown Gaza, Palestine
Major: Joint Major of Public Policy and Government
Interests: Watching and playing Soccer, reading, video games, and movies.
Campus activities:  VP of Muslim Students' Association, Club Soccer, College Reporter Web Team 
Favorite Ware college house event: Bagel breakfast!!!
Favorite Movie/ TV Show: Perfume: The Story of a Murderer' and 'V for Vendetta' are my favorite two movies of all time!
Favorite book: Mornings in Jenin
Favorite music genre: Rock and Alternative 
Favorite courses taken at F&M: FND179 Entertaining Violence
Fun fact about me: I like going to the unknown, and yes, it's lots of fun! 

  • Eddie Alsina

Eduardo Alsina '16
3rd Muhlenburg
Hometown: Miami, FL
Major: Neuroscience
On Campus Activities: Founder and President of the Rotaract Club of F&M, Full-time Tour Guide, member of IMPACT, neuroscience research student, and member of CRA. 
Favorite Ware College House Event: I love the dinner nights we have during finals.
Favorite Book: The Stranger or Rant: An Oral Biography of Buster Casey
Favorite TV Shows: Game of Thrones or Doctor Who
Favorite Music:  Classic Rock, Dubstep, Alternative, and basically everything else.
Favorite Course: Offending the Audience or Mortality and Meaning.
Favorite food at Bagel Breakfast: Plain bagel with some sort of honey nut cream cheese

  • Shawn Hines

Shawn Hines '16
2nd Rauch
Hometown: Lancaster, PA
Major:Biochemistry and Molecular Biology with a Spanish Culture minor
Interests: Playing intramural or club sports, poker, video games, sleeping, listening to music
Favorite Ware College House Event:Bagel Breakfast, it's always delicious
Sunday Dinners, I like food
Favorite Book:  Either One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest or Catch-22
Favorite Movie/ TV Show: The Prestige/ House
Favorite Music Artists:  Lana Del Rey 
Favorite Courses taken at F&M: Evolution of Modern Man
Favorite Bagel at Bagel Breakfast: Probably the blueberry bagel, the fresh fruit compliments it nicely as well 
Fun fact about me: I'm tall and my voice sounds like a whale.
Words of the wise...:  Don't be afraid to talk to your professors outside of class and don't lock yourself out of your room.

  • kara bacile

Kara Bacile ‘15
2rd Schaeffer
Hometown: Richmond, VA

Major: Government/Sociology
Interests: Spend time with friends and family
Watching or playing sports and other outdoor activities 
Favorite Ware College House event: Bagel Breakfast, Food for Finals, Superbowl Party
Favorite Movie/ TV Show: The Office, Parenthood, SNL
Favorite Book: Any book my Nicholas Sparks!
Favorite music artist: I like pretty much anything but country music is my favorite!
Favorite courses taken at F&M: Urban Education with Professor McClelland
Fun fact about me: I have a twin sister who is also an HA in Ware
Words of the wise: "Your experience at F&M is up to you. There is a lot to get involved in. You get out of what, you put into your time here."

  • charles ecker

Charles Ecker
3rd Rauch
Guilford, CT
Major/ Minor: BOS and Government Double Major
Interests: Anything on the water 
On campus activities: Vice President of Phi Kappa Psi, Ski & Snowboard Club, Ware College House Parliament Treasurer
Favorite Ware College House event: Thanksgiving Dinner
Favorite book: Blue Gold by Clive Cussler
Favorite movie/ TV Show: Royal Pains
Favorite course taken at F&M: Organizational Behavior (BOS315)
Favorite bagel at bagel breakfast: Poppyseed Bagel
Fun Fact about me: I like to sail. A lot. 
Words of the wise...: "Learn how to manage your time well! That's the secret to not having to pull all-nighters."

  • kevin

Leslie Bacile '15
2nd Rauch
Hometown: Richmond, VA
Major: Double Major of Government and History
Interests: Work Out, Relax, Read
Campus activities: Women's Basketball, College Republicans
Favorite Ware college house event: Bagel breakfast, Superbowl party
Favorite music: I have a pretty broad music taste but I love country the most :)
Favorite courses taken at F&M: East Asian Politics
Fun fact about me: I'm a twin!

  • Nina Simic

Nina Simic ‘15
3rd Mull
Hometown: Tuzla, Bosnia and Hercegovina
Major/ Minor:Major - Environmental Science/Chem, Minor - German
Interests: I am on the Social Committee for Ware College House and am a junior representative on Parliament. I am involved in EAA, am in the a cappella group Kite and Keys, have my own radio show and always listen to music. I also play the piano and ukulele, and I enjoy playing tennis and skiing.
On campus activities: Parliament, Social Committee, WFNM radio, Kite and Key a cappella, and EAA.
Favorite Ware college house event: All of the activities are awesome.
Favorite Movie/ TV show:  My favorite movie is the Godfather and my favorite TV show is Game of Thrones.
Favorite Book: Jarhead
Favorite Music: Beirut, Two Door Cinema Club, Paper Diamond, Foals, Bag Raiders, Crystal Fighters, Daft Punk, Purity Ring, Glitch Mob, George Barnett, etc...
Favorite courses taken at F&M: My top two courses were Imagining War and Peace and The Environment and Human Values.
Favorite food at bagel breakfast: um..bagels?
Fun fact about me: I like languages, so far I know English, Spanish, Serbian-Cyrillic, Bosnian-Croatian, and German woo.
Words of the wise...: Get involved early on and do your best to avoid the infamous freshman 15.

  • Lizzie Furino

Lizzie Furino '16
3rd Schaeffer
King of Prussia, PA
Major: Sociology
InterestsI like to craft, flip through magazines, spend hours on Pinterest, look at pictures of and play with kitties, and I dabble in sewing and crocheting.  
Ware College House activities: Wareaoke!!
Campus activities:  I wrote a fashion column for the College Reporter, am a brother of Phi Sigma Pi National Honor Fraternity, and am a member of COPS (Committees on Public Safety).
Favorite book:  anything by Sarah Dessen, the Harry Potter series (especially Prisoner of Azkaban), ….does Glamour magazine count?
Favorite music artist: Jason Mraz station on iHeartRadio, John Mayer
Favorite courses taken at F&M: German
Favorite fruit at bagel breakfast: Sesame
Words of Wisdom: Whenever I was nervous about something, Sarah D'Amico, an amazing HA, would remind me to "just let it happen" and to remember that "worse things have happened."

  • Sarah D'Amico 14

Sarah D'Amico '14
1st Mull
Hometown: Wilmington, DE
Major: Scientific and Philosophical Studies of Mind
Interests: I really enjoy fixing things and I like looking for lost things. I also love playing most sports.
Favorite Ware college house events: One of my favorite Ware activities is the ice cream social. A new favorite is Wareaoke--karaoke night in Ware!
Favorite courses taken at F&M: I have a few:
Culture of Chocolate with Professor Yetter-Vassot
Kinesiology for Dance with Pam Vail
Any history course with Professor Maria Mitchell
...and many more!
Favorite Book: It's been a while, but I think a favorite of mine is The Kite Runner. This past year, I also enjoyed a few novels from my Modern European History class. 
Favorite Music: I enjoy a wide variety of music, but I do love my country music--Miranda Lambert is a favorite.
Favorite food at bagel breakfast: My favorite bagel at Bagel Breakfast is a sesame seed bagel with lox cream cheese.