Don and Dean

  • Patricia O'Hara

Patricia A. O'Hara

House Don, and Professor of English
717 291 3899

  • NEH Grant Recipient Joel Eigen

Joel Eigen

co-House Don, on sabbatical leave 2014-15
Charles A. Dana Professor of Sociology

  • Amy Moreno

Amy Moreno

Assistant Dean of the College and Ware College House Dean
717 358 6021

Ware House Parliament

  • 2015 Ware Parliament
Josh Hoffman- Sophomore Representative, Prime Minister

          I am excited to serve Ware Parliament and Ware College House as Prime Minister.  Having served on Parliament for over a year on a half I can not wait to put my ideas into action.  Other than Parliament I spend my time in Diplomatic Congress, Club Council, class government, and the Trustee Committee on Technology.  Outside of co-curriculars, I enjoy of good round of golf and a solid book.  See you around! 

Noah Sunshine '15

Deputy Prime Minister, Senior Class Representative

Nate Soule '15

House Life Chair, Senior Class Representative

Chase TenBrook '16

Social Chair, Junior Class Representative

Joanna Radov '16

Social Chair, Junior Class Representative

L'Oreal Lampley

Secretary, Senior Class Representative

Charles Ecker '15

Treasurer, Senior Class Representative

Josh Hoffman '17

Operations Committee Chair, Senior Class Representative

Evan Seto '15

Senior Class Representative

Nina Simic '15

Senior Class Representative

Shawn Hines '16

Junior Class Representative

Charley Hagist '18

Freshman Class Representative

Jessie Simon '18

Freshman Class Representative


House Advisors (HAs) and Ware Mentors

Ware College House HAs

Housing Assistants (HAs) are there to help and support the residents of their hall.

Meet the HAs

Ware Mentors

Ware Mentors facilitate the transition into college life and Ware College House through academic and social peer mentoring and advising.  They host monthly events to bring together our Mentors and Mentees.  Keep an eye out for upcoming Ware Mentors events!  Email for more information.