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House Rules & Responsibilities

Ware College House

 Common Spaces:

  1. Leave all common area furniture and/or property where it is found (the removal of furniture from any part of the building is considered theft)
  2. Maintain the cleanliness of all common spaces
  3. Dispose of items in the kitchens and other common spaces immediately after use (Items that are not thrown away will be removed after 24 hrs.)
  4. May be used for study or social purposes on a first come first serve basis
  5. Public areas may not be locked.

 Laundry Rooms:

  1. If you remove someone’s items from a washer/dryer, please place those items neatly in a trash bag
  2. Unattended laundry will be removed on every Friday


  1. Residents should only use a bathroom that is specific to their gender
  2. Residents should maintain the cleanliness of the bathroom

 Quiet Hours (Hours in which noise must be contained within a room):

  1. On weekdays (Sun-Thurs), quiet hours extend from midnight until 9am
  2. On weekends (Fri-Sat), quiet hours will extend from 1am until 10am

 Courtesy Clause:

  1. During all hours of the day, students should demonstrate courtesy towards other residents

 House Conduct:

  1. All students are expected to treat each other with respect at all times
  2. Students should avoid all behaviors disruptive to their house


  1. House residents are responsible for the conduct of their guests
  2. Short-term, overnight guests should be approved by the roommate(s) of whoever is hosting the guest
  3. Long-term, overnight guests (7+ days) require approval of both the hall and the House Prefect
  4. Guests must abide by the rules set by the House


  1. Students are required by college policy to refrain from all behaviors that are fire or safety hazards (i.e. hall sports, damage to fire alarms).  Failure to abide by this policy will result in fines
  2. Smoking on the balconies and inside of the building is prohibited

 Trash and Recycling:

  1. Place recyclables and trash in the proper receptacles (Love your environment!!)