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Warian of the Week

  • Starting in Spring of 2011, the House Life Committee introduced Warian of the Week, to highlight the very special members of Ware College House!  If you would like to nominate someone for Warian of the Week, email

  • Malu Malhotra '14
  • Malu Malhotra '14
  • Hometown: Manhattan, NY

    Major: Joint Major: Government and Science, Technology, and Society. Minor in Latin 

    Positions in Ware: Ware College House HA!!!

    Clubs/Activities/Sports: President of Students for Global Health Equity, Vice President of Students for Education Reform, Kappa Delta Sorority, Survivorship Chair for Colleges Against Cancer, Latin Department Tutor

    Quote: "A person's a person no matter how small." - Dr. Suess

    Favorite Class Taken at F&M: Invention of Childhood!!

    Dream Job: Human Rights Lawyer

  • Juan Bowers '13
  • Major: Physics

    Clubs: MGL (Mi Gente Latina), EAA (Environmental Action Alliance)

    What is a project you are currently working on:

    I am working on writing some poems. I have been writing for a while so I want to work on improving my style and looking forward to competing in some Spoken Word Competitions. I am reading Neruda for inspiration and like him I see myself evolving into a more sophisticated writer. 

    Talk about engineering school?

    I feel excited, I am still in the process of looking at different branches of engineering and honing in on a specific area of study. I am not really nervous. I am looking at Columbia right now, and I am excited to live in the city again.

    You didn’t chooser your major right away. Talk about that path.

    I cam in as a music major and then I thought perhaps I wanted to philosophy. But I realized even though you may find something interesting you may not want to necessarily pursue it as a concentration so in the end I went with something I feel a natural compulsion for, math and physics.

    Something you’d like to see change at fandm after your gone:

    I would like to see more diverse student involvement in multicultural clubs. For example I feel like the cultural clubs right now are exclusively attended by people who are of that culture I would like see people from other cultures be involved too.

    How can we change that?

    People assume that these clubs are created for that particular background but they aren’t. They are to increase integration among students and create cultural awareness.

    Favorite thing about Ware:

    The piano room. It’s where I find peace.

    Favorite professor?

    Professor Moog from the Chem.  Department

    One thing that would have made life at college easier:

    Having more home-cooked meals. Although I don’t know how I would’ve gotten around here…

    But you can cook right?

    Yeah I have definitely come up with a few recipes in the Ware Kitchen this year. And I definitely appreciate cooking more now! 

  • Jess Cadorette
  • Jess Cadorette ‘14
  • Major: Double major and minor Environmental Science and Special Studies Human Rights Double Major, Film and Media Studies Double Minor

    Hobbies: Make Jewelry, Play Piano/Keyboard, Photography

    Clubs: THRI, CEC, Student Assistant to the Alumni Relations Department, Gallery of Hope.

    Involvement in Ware: Ware in the World, Ware Social Committee

    Favorite thing about Ware: How homey it is. Everyone is friendly, all the common spaces feel like it’s my living room, and we do a lot of house events. J

    Future Job: Superwoman

    If you could invent your own class, what would it be called: Foundations Class that deals with Modern Day Human Rights infractions around the world and reminds us how lucky we are because we tend to forget that sometimes.

    Class at F&M you would most recommend: Nature of Hope with Professor Penn Or Politics, Poverty, and Women Mcnulty (Both Foundations Courses)

    Song of the Moment: Household Goods by Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs

    Top Two Things on Your Bucket List: Go to the Rain Forest and Cross Country Road Trip.

    Craziest Thing You’ve Ever Done: At 9PM my friends decided to go to NYC, were back home in Philly by 7am.

    Advice to youngsters: Be yourself. J

  • Nicolas Economy
  • Nik Economy '13
  • Major: Chemistry 

    Clubs: German Club, Ware in the World, I want to start my own Juggling Club though 

    Hobbies: Listening to music, Juggling 

    Summer Plans: Internship for Chemistry. Hike part of the Appalachian Trail 

    Top two things on your bucket list: Graduate College and Go to New Zealand 

    Craziest thing you’ve ever eaten: I went to Japan and most of the stuff I was eating I didn’t know what was in it. One time I ate a slice of cake soaked in soy sauce for $5.

    Why do you like being an HA: I like being around other students and other HA’s. I like helping out people.

    Favorite thing about Ware: Bagel Breakfasts

    Favorite professor: Dean Moreno, although I’ve never had her for a class…

    If you could invent your own class what would it be: Wilderness Survival

    Class at F&M you recommend taking: Graphic Novel with Wright     

    Ideal study location: I don’t really study so I don’t know… I’ve always wanted to chill on top of the 2nd floor rooftop.

    *hint to Nik: Just use the window

    Song of the moment: Reckoner by Radiohead

    Words of advice to the youngens: Stay close to your house.

  • Bryan Dougan
  • Bryan Dougan '11
  • Major: Sociology , Really Don Eigen is my Major 

    Clubs: Human Rights Initiative, Intervarsity Christian Fellowship, BASIC (Brother and Sisters in Christ), College Reporter

    What is a project you are currently working on: Working with a local church to raise money for malaria nets. Just asking for donations.

    Summer Plans: Doing a bike ride from Florida to Maine. For a project sponsored by the American bible society that will raise money for trauma victims in the Congo, mainly women. Congo is rape capital of the world because there is so much internal conflict there.

    Plans for the future? Living life. Enter into a PhD program eventually. Taking a year off from school. Probably go into a program focusing on development in Africa. I want to eventually become fluent in French.

    Advise to youngens? If you have an idea run with it. There is always someone out there who is willing to help you just have to look a little harder sometimes. Always tell your mother “I love you”. Spend time in another country; it’s good for the soul.

    Something you’d like to see change at F&M after your gone: Increased participation in house system. Decrease the size of the freshmen classes, and freshmen to drink more responsibly (perhaps these correlate?).

    Favorite thing about Ware: The community that has and I hope will continue to be built

    Favorite thing about me? You sound like a walkie talkie.

    Favorite professor? Joel Eigen

    Favorite mammal? Zebra, because it’s from Africa duh…

    Craziest things you’ve ever done: Slept on the streets of downtown Lancaster.

    Favorite piece of furniture: couch in front of my picture in the fireplace room *noted with sarcasm*

    Words you want to leave me with?: Ferris Bueler once said “Life moves pretty fast. If you don't stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it”