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    • Ware Move-In Day 2
    • Dan Fox serves ice cream
    • Ware Mentors Cake

WARE Mentors

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    • Ware Mentors: Maeve and Mentee
    • Ware Mentors Cake
    • Ware Mentors: Matt Haller, Bryan Stabbe, Prof. Eigen Cake
    • Ware Mentors: Eric Belser and Abdul Uddin
    • Dan Fox serves ice cream
    • Eigen Speech Ware Mentors
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Ware Mentors was established in fall of 2011, and pairs upperclassmen Warians with first-year counterparts.  Ware Mentors seeks to facilitate transition into college life and Ware College House through academic and social peer mentoring and advising.  WARE Mentors has monthly events to bring together our Mentors and Mentees.  Keep an eye out for upcoming Ware Mentors events!  Email for more information.

Keep any eye out for some of our upcoming events including:

- Board game/ trivia night  (charades, apples to apples, mafia, taboo...)
- Pizza & movie night
- Holiday cookie decorating
- Lancaster Community Service Day
- Snowman-building competition
- Central market trip
- Barnstormers Game
- Fort-Building Contest