Campus United Way Campaign

Dear Members of the Franklin & Marshall Community:

Thank you for donating $23,368 to this years United Way Campaign!

This year, United Way of Lancaster County is celebrating their 90th anniversary of making bold change happen within our community. By supporting innovative partnerships all across the county, United Way is strengthening our community by making it safer and healthier. 

The annual Franklin & Marshall College United Way Campaign is an important way for us to help those in need. 

Regardless of the amount, your gift to the United Way matters! 
2015 United Way Campaign is October 5-November 6

ONLINE Donation instructions:

  1. Go to the secure  United Way Log in page.
  2. Enter the campaign Code – fm15
  3. Type in your username - This is your F&M 9-digit ID , which can be found on inside F&M under My Info)
  4. Password - Fandm2015 You will be prompted to change this password once you login. 
  5. Follow the instructions to make your pledge. Remember, you can login and change your pledge anytime between October 5-November 6.
  6. One-time donation by check - Please make the check payable to United Way and on the memo indicate F&M campus campaign. You can send the check via campus mail to Sandi Smoker at the Ware Institute for processing OR you can mail the check directly to United Way, F&M Campus Campaign, 630 Janet Ave., Lancaster, PA 17601

                                          Thank you!

Questions or Need a Paper Pledge Form? 

 Contact SandI Smoker  at 717-291-4164.

Sandi can mail you a paper pledge form and instructions to complete it, if you prefer. Please return the pledge form by November 6 to Sandi Smoker at the Ware Institute, SCC Room 208. 

'Partners UNITED' - UWLanc Campaign Video 2015-16

Why Donate to United Way?

United Way of Lancaster County provides vital services and assistance to children and adults, helping to build a safer, stronger, healthier community in which to live and work. Your gift to United Way helps assure important services will be available when our neighbors, friends, family members need them. 

When you give to United Way of Lancaster's Community Impact Fund, you can be assured that community experts are taking great time to connect your gift to programs that are local, relevant, and effective. Another choice available is to designate your contribution to a specific organization that focuses on issues about which you care most. For more information about United Way's Impact Partnerships, Bold Goals, and Impact Fund, please visit

Whether you give a one-time gift or a payroll deduction, each donation is very important

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