Catastrophic Relief  Alliance

                                           It started with a hurricane in 2005!

The Catastrophic Relief Alliance (CRA) student group formed after the devastation of Hurricane Katrina in 2005.  We're 10 years strong and still providing disaster relief support by rebuilding homes afflicted by natural disasters and housing distress.  CRA members works within the United States and in our Lancaster community.  If you like getting dirty and working with tools JOIN US - WE GET IT DONE! 

CRA Chili Cookoff 

November 12

Annual CRA Chili Cook-Off  Fundraiser Event!
  • Thursday, November 12 at 6:30 pm 
  • Bonchek Great Room
  • $7 to Taste All Chilis
  • Vote for the Best Chili Entry

Save the date for this fun event! The event is open to all F&M students, staff and friends, so dig out that hot sauce, spice up your recipe and spread the word!  Best Chili will get a prize and bragging rights for a year! ​


  • cra chili cookoff banner
Chili  Competition Entry Form and Sign-up to Donate Supplies! 

Enter Your Chili and/or Donate Supplies Using this link to our Google Spreadsheet!


Contact Yixu Chen, CRA Student Organizer


Houston, Texas 2016

Houston Relief Trip Details

  • Trip Dates: January 4-10, 2016
  • Registration opens November 9.
  • Participation fee  $175 
  • We will be working through Jewish Family Services and Texas Baptists to coordinate work and lodging.
  • Airfare and van travel is reserved 

Please know that preference will be given to those that have helped us with projects and fundraising.

Details will continue to develop in the coming weeks so please watch for emails from CRA leadership.

Many thanks for you interest in CRA. We are looking forward to your participation in our BIG 10th anniversary trip to Houston!


Contact Andy Gulati, CRA Advisor

We've Been Getting It DONE for 10 Years!

  • cra milagro1
Milagro House, Spring 2015

The Catastrophic Relief Alliance leapt into action over spring break to work with our partners at Milagro House, to paint halls and rooms. Milagro House is committed to providing education, housing and counseling for women and their children experiencing homelessness, and CRA is happy to support their efforts.

Check out our facebook page!

10 Years of Relief; Where We've Been
  • Milagro House, March 2015
  • New Orleans, LA, January 2015
  • New Orleans, LA, January 2014
  • Milagro House, March 2014
  • Staten Island, NY May 4-7 2014
  • Lancaster CRA & PIT August 2014
  • Lancaster Dumpster 2 November 2014
  • Milagro House, November 2014
  • Bastrop, TX, January 2013
  • Staten Island, NY March 2013
  • Sawyersville, AL, Jan 2012
  • Lancaster Mr. Bill's" March & April 2012
  • Lancaster Heidi's & Mr. Bill's
  • Galveston, TX, January 2011
  • Lancaster Underwood Fire, March 2011
  • F&M Responds to Japanese Disaster
  • Lancaster Wall project, October 2011
  • Lancaster Dumpster project, October 2011
  • Galveston, TX, January 2010
  • Galveston, TX, January 2009
  • Lancaster Betty J., May 2009
  • Pascagoula, MS, January 2008
  • New Orleans, LA, May 2008
  • Pascagoula, MS, January 2007
  • Picayune, MS, January 2006
  • New Orleans, LA, May 2006
CRA Executive Board

Student leaders:
Den Mother:
  • Doris Hall-Gulati
Alumni Coordinator:
  • Linh Tran '13
Best Friends:
  • Lisa Brooks '85 
  • Laura Fiore
  • Hans Gulati
  • Steve Hicks
  • Mike Joseph
  • Steve Spadafore
  • Andrew & Kathryn Thompson
Questions about CRA?

Please contact Advisor Andy Gulati.