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Ghana Trip Details & Application

Ghana Information Session

Thursday, September 18, 4:30 pm at the Joseph International Center.

Students are required to attend information sessions to find out the details of the Ghana trip. If students are unable to do so, they must meet with Rachel Helwig, Assistant Dean for International & Off-Campus Study, to review the trip information. Following that, students will be eligible to apply for the trip by completing the online application form. There are no scholarships available for this program.


Students who are abroad in the Fall semester are eligible to apply if they return prior to November 15th. If students are not back by that time they will not have sufficient time to apply for their visa and therefore will not be able to go on the trip. 

CPS Marshall Fellows are encouraged to apply for the trip and use their Marshall scholarship. For more information, please see visit the CPS Marshall Website

Who Can Apply: 

The trip is open to current first-years, sophomores, juniors and seniors.

Application Dates: 

September 15-October 15*

*The application is only active during the application period.

Trip Dates:

December 27, 2014-January 12, 2015

Trip Cost: 


Cost Includes:

  • Airfare
  • Trip insurance
  • Multiple Entry Visa fee (required)
  • Three-day road trip to northern Ghana
  • Most meals
  • Housing at Heritiage Academy and on trips
  • Drivers and transportation in Ghana, which includes planned weekend excursions
  • Limited phone and internet access.

Cost is based on 10 students. If less than 10 student travel, cost will be adjusted.

Out of pocket expenses(approximately $700)

  • Inoculations and vaccines, and medications required for this trip
  • Pre- and post departure travel to/from point of departure
  • Additional snacks & food not included in program cost
  • Souveniers 

In the spirit of community solidarity and engaged learning, Ware Institute programs have a strict conduct policy and are drug free.

* No scholarship funds are available for this program. Trip dates and cost are subject to change.

CPS Marshall Fellows can apply to use funds for this trip. A completed proposal to use funds is due by October 3.

Inoculations & Medications

You are required to complete a travel clinic no later than November 28, 2013 to determine inoculations, medications, or other vaccines that are required or that you might need. Once accepted to the program, the program leader will go over details of health requirements. 

A Yellow Fever immunization card is required and anti-malarial medications are recommended; however depending upon your individual health issues you must consult your travel physician. Many medications need to be started weeks in advance of your departure.

Download Detailed Travel Health Information. 

Travel & Itinerary

Students are required to provide a copy of their passport that is valid through July of the following year. If students do not have a valid passport by November 15 they may not participate in this program. If a student is abroad and not returning prior to November 15 they are ineligible for the trip. Once accepted to the program, they will receive information about visa requirements. 

Students must make their own pre- and post-travel arrangements for travel to and from the point of departure in the U.S. at their own expense.

The group will spend 18 days in Ghana leaving shortly after Christmas (typically 2 days after) and arrive one day prior to the school year beginning. Finalized dates will be given at the information sessions in the Fall. 

See the 2013 - 2014 Trip Itinerary Itinerary for the Ghana Trip. 


While teaching at the Heritage Academy, the group will live together on campus in a guest house rented by the Academy. Students will be supplied with all meals while teaching at the Academy. Access to laundry facilities is available weekly. The Academy will provide transportation for students to school and other places of interest such as local villages and the open market. Students will have limited access to internet while at the guest house. 
  • Apply Now!
  • The link to the application is only active 9/18-10/15.

2014 Key Dates*

SEPTEMBER 18-OCTOBER 15: Application period

SEPTEMBER 18:  Information Session. 4:30 pm at the Joseph International Center. 

CPS Marshall Fellows can use funds for this program. A completed CPS Marshall Proposal is due.

Application period closes.

Fieldwork in Ghana

JANUARY 11-12:
Return to US.

Spring semester begins at F&M