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Honduras Trip Details and Application Info

Information Session

Students are required to attend information sessions to find out the details of the this trip. If students are unable to do so, they must meet with Julie Rhoads, Assistant Director of the Ware Institute, to review the trip information. Following that, students will be eligible to apply for the trip by completing the online application form. 


Students who are abroad in the Fall semester are eligible to apply. They will have to complete the online application by December 13. 

Who Can Apply 

The trip is open to current first-years, sophomores, juniors and seniors.

Scholarship Application Period:
October 3-December 5, 2014

Application Period:
October 3, 2014-January 16, 2015*

Trip Dates: 
March 14-22, 2015*

Program Cost: $2,262

*Program cost Includes:

  • Airfare
  • Trip insurance
  • Transportation to/from point of departure in U.S.
  • Honduras Program fee which includes:
    • Hotel 
    • Three meals per day Meals in Honduras
    • All Transportation and security in Honduras,

Out of Pocket Expenses:

  • Passport or visa fees (if needed)
  • Inoculations or medications required for this trip*
  • Spending money for additional meals or snacks, and souvenirs

*Trip dates and cost are based on 10 students and may be subject to change. Medications and innoculations must be started prior to the trip to be effective. If you have concerns about costs for medications, please contact Julie Rhoads at the Ware Institute. 

Scholarship Information  

One $1,000 scholarship will be offered for 2015. You will be expected to pay for or fundraise additional funds for program costs. Interested students may apply for the scholarships by filling out the scholarship section at the bottom of the online application. 

NOTE: If you wish to apply for the scholarship option, you must complete the application by DECEMBER 5, 2014.

Who Can Apply

This trip is open to first-years, sophomores, juniors and seniors.

Franklin & Marshall staff and faculty are also welcome!

Inoculations & Medications

You are required to complete a travel clinic by January 16 or sooner to determine inoculations, medications, or other vaccines that are required or that you might need. You should check the CDC website for a country-specific list of required inoculations, vaccines or medications. Depending upon your individual health issues, many medications need to be started weeks in advance of your departure.
If you have concerns about costs for medications, please contact Julie Rhoads at the Ware Institute

There are three options for your travel clinic:

  • Your family physician
  • Appel Health Travel Clinic
  • A local travel clinic

Travel & Logistics

Students must know visa their requirements. More information about passports and visas can be found at the U.S. State Department web site or you can visit the Office of International Programs to inquire about VISA questions.

Students will travel from campus as a group to and from the point of departure. Jan Masland, Director of Student Health & Wellness will meet students in Honduras. 


Students will be met at the airport by a CARE staff member, Kristi Philips who will transport them to their lodging at Hotel Palmeras, Pespire Choluteca.

CARE will assist with exchanging U.S. currency to Honduran currency. Using a personal cell phones is not recommended. However using phones at internet cafes is more reliable and less expensive. 

Sample Itinerary

Day 1:
Leave for Honduras. Participants will be transported to their hotel.
Day 2 & 3:
Light construction projects at Hospital San Lorenzo and rounds with Honduran doctors.
Day 4 & 5
Dental hygiene clinics at local schools. Local medical clinics giving out ibuprofen and vitamins.
Day 6:
Free day; transportation to either the city of San Lorenzo or to an island just off the coast of San Lorenzo.
Day 7: 
Return to U.S.

  • 2014 Key Dates*

    OCTOBER 3:  
    Information session & application period opens. Info session: Learn about this spring break opportunity!    3 pm in Joseph International Center Forum.
    NOVEMBER 18: 
    Information session: Discussion of the trip.
    Time for Q & A.
     4:30 pm in Joseph International Center Forum.
    Information session: Discussion of trip details such as scholarship information, payment deadlines, travel clinic, passport & visa requirements.
    Scholarship application is due.
    10:00 am in the Joseph International Center Forum.
    JANUARY 16: Application closes.
    $1,000 trip deposit due  (Please make check payable to F&M)
    A copy of your passport is due and must be valid through August, 2015.
    Travel clinic must be completed.
    FEBRUARY 3: 
    Final Steps Session: Travel itinerary discussed. 
    Balance payment is due. (Please make check payable to F&M)  Time & ocation to be announced
    FEBRUARY 27: 
    Pre-departure meeting. Itineraries, travel details and what to pack. 
    Time & ocation to be announced
    MARCH 14-22* 
    Dates in Honduras
    MARCH 23: 
    Classes resume.
    MARCH 27: 
    Post-trip evaluation meeting 
       Time & location to be announced.

    *Trip cost and dates may be subject to change.