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John Marshall Fellows

The Marshall Fellows program is designed to recognize demonstrated academic excellence, to create a cohort of intellectually engaged students, to encourage intellectual adventure, and to provide support to Fellows for academic enrichment. The program is also intended to help students think about and prepare for post-graduate opportunities. 

Marshall Fellows will be able to choose one of two tracks:

  1. CPS Marshall (Community and Public Service) Fellow or
  2. Marshall Academic Enrichment Fellow.

For more information about the Marshall Fellows selection process or if you wish to pursue a Marshall Academic Enrichment track, please click on the link above.

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Planning your Community & Public Service Marshall Project

The proposal for a CPS Marshall project must be developed with a faculty advisor before the application is submitted so that the service project is presented within an academic framework. 

Please contact , Director, the Ware Institute, Associate Dean of the College for an appointment to discuss your interest in a CPS Marshall Project. 

Service should be one of the central components of a CPS Marshall. The service should be under the auspices of a recognized and respected agency, foundation or reputable group. The student should have some demonstrable ability and expertise to carry out the service project. The student must provide adequate background about the proposed agency, foundation or group.

The student should have evidence of prior commitment to the service activity, including class work, volunteer work and/or internship experiences.

How To Apply:

There are five rolling deadlines for submitting your application. All applications must be submitted by 4 pm on one of dates listed on the right sidebar.

Download the Marshall Project Guidelines.

Click here to apply online:  CPS Marshall Application

Previous Marshall Scholarships

  • Ghana Alternative Winter Break: Teaching at Heritage Academy. 
  • The Cycle of Pregnancy in Tanzania: A non-western Approach to Prenatal and Antenatal Care
  • Medical Volunteering in Norther and Central Mexico
  • Healthcare in the Quechua Culture of the Peruvian Andes
  • Urban Transformation: An Exploration of Urban Poverty in Argentina
  • Assessing and Assisting Public Health in Belize
  • Hungry for Teaching: Young Musicians of the Bolivian Amazon
  • Effects of Medicalization on Modern Midwifery in Central America
  • Comparitive Study of Health Care Delivery in Two Underprivliged Communities: Cape Town, South Africa and Lancaster, PA
  • Serving the Medically Underserved: Nursing in Albania
  • Animal Rescue and Rehabilitation in Ecuador
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  • Community & Public Service (CPS) John Marshall Scholarship rolling deadlines:

    2014 Proposal Deadlines: October 3, November 7

    2015 Proposal Deadlines: February 6, March 6 & April 3.