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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I apply for an internship if I am going abroad?

Unfortunately, students who already have plans to go abroad during the 2013-2014 academic year are not eligible to apply for the F&M Works in Lancaster program for this year. All of our current internships are for a full academic year. But don’t worry! You will have the opportunity to apply for the following academic year.

Does this program apply to only work-study students or all students?

All rising sophomores, juniors and seniors with a 2.7 GPA or higher are eligible to apply for the program! Not just work-study students. 

Can I apply for an internship if I already have an on-campus job?

Students are not permitted to have more than one job. Even if one job is "on-campus" and the other is in the community.  If you are expected to return to an on-campus job you will need to inform your supervisor that you are not returning as soon as you are selected for an F&M Works internship.

Can I apply as an international student with an F-1 visa?

Yes. However, you are required to apply for and be approved for Curricular Practical Training (CPT) in addition to your internship. You must have a declared major before applying for CPT. Please contact  in the Office of International Programs for further informatiion.  

Can I apply for an internship if I am a permanent resident but not a citizen?


How does it work? Do I apply for the F&M Works in Lancaster program or do I apply for a specific internship?

All students must review the internships available and apply to specific internships. Click here for details on how to apply

Do I submit a generic resume and cover letter or should it be specific to the internship for which I am applying? 

Your cover letter should be directed to the F&M Works in Lancaster program and must reflect your interest in the specific internship. Your resume does not necessarily need to be changed, however it's a good idea to practice creating a custom resume as well. 

Can I apply for multiple internships listed?

Yes, students can apply to three separate internships. However, please be sure that your skills, experiences and interests align well with the individual internship. Applying to multiple internships will not automatically improve your chances of being selected for an interview. You will be required to submit separate applications and cover letters for each internship. 

If I cannot commit to 10 hours per week for the entire academic year, can I still apply for the program?

Unfortunately, no. We do realize that your specific hours may need to be adjusted to accommodate your spring classes, however, it will be your responsibility to work with your on-site supervisor to determine a mutually agreeable schedule. If you find that you are not able to commit to the F&M Works requirements please remember that you can still volunteer with many of the same agencies to gain valuable experience.

If I’m not accepted to the F&M Works in Lancaster program does this mean I can’t work with any of the organizations listed?

No! There are frequently volunteer opportunities with many of our community partners. For more information on how to volunteer, click here! The Ware Institute for Civic Engagement also works with our community partners in community based learning courses.  

For more information please contact , F&M Works in Lancaster Coordinator, at 717-291-4164.

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