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How To Apply

HOW TO APPLY to F&M Works:

1. Read and understand the Program Description and Expectations.

  • Applicants must have a GPA of 2.7 or higher. 
  • All interns must remain full-time students throughout the entire academic year.
  • Interns will need to arrange their own transportation to offices that are not within walking distance.
  • F&M Works internships are considered ON-CAMPUS employment so students must relinquish any other on-campus job if selected.

2. Update and polish your resume! This is very important... a poorly crafted resume and/or cover letter will count against you.

  • All students are encouraged to visit the Office of Student and Post-Graduate Development for guidance on crafting a professional, one-page resume.
  • Be sure to include your most recent leadership roles and/or service activities.
  • Customized cover letters are required for each application.

3. Complete separate Intern Applications for each internship. 

  • For each application we suggest you print the corresponding job description to refer to during the application process.

4. You will be required to upload a PDF of your: 

  • Resume (1 page)
  • Cover letter (1 page)

Please label each document with your first and last name as follows:

LastName_FirstName_Resume.pdf and LastName_FirstName_Cover.pdf

Do not use any special characters or spaces in the names of your attachments. Please be sure to save the files in the Portable Document Format (PDF) - not just change the file extension to .pdf

5. Complete an I-9 and W-4 Tax Forms 

  • If you have not been employed in an on-campus job before, please read the instructions on how to submit the required forms and visit the Business Office as soon as possible with the necessary documents (as indicated). These forms are REQUIRED to be eligible to work. This process must be completed by the close of the semester or over the summer if students are currently abroad or off-campus. 
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  • The application process is now over for 2014.
    • Students will be able to apply for up to three internships.
    • Separate applications and cover letters are required.
    • You can choose to submit a customized resume as well but it is not required.