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PIT: Putting It Together in the Community

Program Focus and Goals

PIT was established to help School District of Lancaster children who were starting school each Fall and has grown since then to encompass other community focus areas.

The pilot workshop was held in 1997 with the Franklin & Marshall Class of 2001. The following year, the program's size doubled from 10 participants to 21. Since 1999, we've been enrolling 50 incoming first-year students. In 2009 we increased the number of PIT spots to 65.

The PIT program has been designed to accomplish the following goals:

  • Acclimate first-years to the F&M Community by introducing them to campus leaders, club opportunities and campus life.
  • To break down the barrier between the F&M community and the Lancaster community, demonstrating our responsibilities beyond campus and the positive, powerful effects we can have.
  • creating opportunities for first-year students to be immersed in community service projects
  • nurturing the leadership qualities of students who choose to act in the Lancaster community for the sake of others
  • encouraging first-year students to think critically about social issues and human need at the individual, communal, societal, and global levels.

2014 Program Information

MAY 15-JUNE 15:  PIT Application period. All first years will receive a letter inviting their participation. The online application will only be open between May 15-June 15.
ALL PIT Applicants will be advised of their status via by mail and/or email after June 15.

AUGUST 23-27:  Program Dates

WHO CAN APPLY:  Open to first-year students only. Please note that international students and students who participate in early athletics programs will not be able to apply.

COST:   $200, to be paid after you are accepted into the program.
This fee includes room, board and all activities.

SCHOLARSHIPS: A limited number of scholarships for PIT are available, based on financial need. You can indicate if you wish to be considered for a scholarship on the application form.  By checking the box on the application you are authorizing the Financial Aid office to release to the Ware Institute your Expected Family Contribution (EFC) as calculated on the FAFSA form.

Please Note: We are unable to accept applications from any student who is not available each day of the program. Unfortunately, this includes international students and students who arrive on campus early for athletics.

PIT Work Team Descriptions

Sample PIT Schedule

2013 PIT Assistant (PA) Biographies

If you have questions about the PIT program, please call the Ware Institute at 717-291-4164.

  • Kyle Seelig '15
  • Kyle Seelig '15, PIT Planning Intern
  • The PIT planning Internship is chosen during the PSSI intership process. The PIT internship requires attention to detail and strong leadership skills. The planning intern works during the summer months and is paid a stipend of $3,300, which does not include housing. 

    In addition to the planning intern, there are 12 upperclassmen Planning Assistants (PAs) that make up the PIT team. The PAs mentor each of the PIT teams and will continue to do so throughout the the first year.