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PIT Mentor Biographies

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2014 PIT Planning Intern (PPI):
Kyle Seelig '15

Hometown: Medford, NJ 
Major/Minor: Business & Cognitive Science; Business and Social Organization
Previous PIT Experience: Building Lancaster 
Service at F&M: Work through my fraternity with the Hole in the Wall organization, founded by Paul Newman as well as contributed to the fundraising of over $36,000 for Relay for Life.
Other Activities: Club Lacrosse, Phi Kappa Tau Fraternity, Program Leader George Washington Elementary
College House Affiliation: Where do you wear your WARE wear?
Favorite Book: Stranger In A Strange Land by Robert A. Heinlein
Favorite Food: Mom’s Swedish Meatballs
Favorite Movie: Crash, Up, and Moonrise Kingdom
Something Interesting About Me: Last Summer I didn’t shower or have a phone for 30 days during an awesome month-long backpacking trip in the Wyoming Wilderness
Dream Travel Destination: Paris or take me back to San Francisco
Best PIT Memory: Riding Tidal Force 3 times in a row at Hershey Park!

  • Jason Boyask '16

Jason Boyask '16

Hometown: Philadelphia
Major/Minor: Sociology/WGS
Previous PIT Experience: OPIT1
Service at F&M: PIT, Phi Sigma Pi National Honor Fraternity (partnered with Teach for America)
Other Activities: Poor Richards co-ed a cappella, F&M Players, Alice Drum Women's Center, the Arts House
College House: Ware
Favorite Book: Where the Wild Things Are
Favorite Food: Literally any cheese ever. 
Favorite Movie: The Breakfast Club, Little Miss Sunshine
Something interesting about me: I have a crippling phobia of fish. Yea, I know, it's weird. 
Dream Travel Destination: Cape Town, South Africa
Favorite PIT Memory: CHERRY CREST ADVENTURE FARM (the best place on earth) with the OPIT kids

  • Kevin Gallagher '17

Kevin Gallagher ‘17

Hometown: Bayonne, NJ
Major/Minor: English/Theatre
Previous PIT Experience: OPIT1
Service at F&M: Relay for Life
Other Activities: Phi Kappa Psi, F&M Players, F&M Jester's, Water Polo
College House: New College House
Favorite Book; Of Mice and Men by John Steinbeck
Favorite Food: Cinnamon Toast Eggo Waffles
Favorite Movie: Airplane!
Something Interesting About Me: I am deathly afraid of ostriches
Dream Travel Destination: Australia
Favorite PIT Memory: Face Painting with my little buddy, Tim
  • Bill Hamersly '16

Bill Hamersly ‘16

Hometown: Clarks Summit, PA
Major/Minor: Planned Double Major in French & English Lit.
PIT Group: Friends for Life
Previous PIT Experience: Friends for Life 
Service at F&M: F&M Cares
Other Activities: Students for Education Reform and anything feminist
College House Affiliation: Brooks
Favorite Book: There’s too many! But if I had to choose, Jonathan Safran Foer’s Everything is Illuminated or Samuel Beckett’s Waiting for Godot
Favorite Food: Spicy Chocolate Cake with Chili Pepper Jelly
Favorite Movie: Beauty & the Beast (Almost every song in it’s my jam. No shame…)
Something Interesting About Me: Movie soundtracks make me really emotional 
and I don’t know what to do about it.
Dream Travel Destination: Oulu, Finland or Grenada, Spain
Best PIT Memory:  “The Notebook Couple” at Country Meadows.

Grace Jordan ‘16

Hometown: Riverside CT
Major/Minor: undeclared 
Previous PIT Experience: OPIT 1
Service at F&M: PIT, Service through Alpha Phi Sorority and Rugby, F&M Unleashed 
Other Activities: Club Rugby, DivestNow, Alpha Phi
College House: Bonchek
Favorite Book; The Things They Carried by Tim O’Brien
Favorite Food: grilled cheese 
Favorite Movie: Catch Me If You Can 
Something Interesting About Me: I can ride a unicycle 
Dream Travel Destination: New Zealand 
Favorite PIT Memory: The count off we did for OPIT1 

  • Gordon Heller '16

Gordon Heller '16

Hometown: Malvern, PA
Major/Minor: Math
Previous PIT Experience: PIT-er 2012 FFL2
Service at F&M: VITA, service with Phi Kappa Psi Fraternity, Bonchek Community Outreach Dinner
Other Activities: The Chessmen, Symphonic Wind Ensemble, Phi Kappa Psi Fraternity, F&M Players
College House: Bonchek 
Favorite Book: White Noise by Don Delillo 
Favorite Food: Philly Steak sandwich
Favorite Movie: Fight Club
Something Interesting About Me: I can tap dance!
Dream Travel Destination: All of Europe!
Favorite PIT Memory: Mustache tattoos

  • Katie Machen '15

 Katie Machen '15

Hometown: Monkton, MD
Major/Minor: English Lit/French double major
PIT Group: Building Lancaster PITer 2011, PA 2012, '13 & '14
Previous PIT Experience: Building PITer 2011, Building PA 2012
Service at F&M: F&M Works at Lutheran Refugee Services, Creative Writing Instructor at Burrowes Elementary School, Creative Writers Corps, ESL at St. Peter's, Volunteering with Church World Service, Catastrophic Relief Alliance
Other Activities: Writing Center Tutor, InterVarsity Christian Fellowship, Black Pyramid Society, Writers House Enthusiast
College House: WARE
Favorite Book; The Elegance of the Hedgehog by Muriel Barbery 
Favorite Food: Steamed crabs, watermelon, cheese...
Favorite Movie: Love Actually, hands down
Something Interesting About Me: My favorite language is franglais  
Dream Travel Destination: My current dream is a post-grad summer cross-country road trip where I will meet lots of interesting people and reconnect with family members across the nation. 
Favorite PIT Memory: Making music while scraping paint off the floor on our last day at SACA, karaoke in the van every morning, and making some of my best friends at F&M!

  • PJ McGinnis '15

 P.J. McGinnis '15

Hometown: Collegeville, PA 
Major/Minor: BOS
Previous PIT Experience: FFL 1, Lighten Up Lancaster
Service at F&M: President of Active Minds; Colleges Against Cancer; Various philanthropy events through my fraternity Phi Kappa Psi 
Other Activities: Equestrian Team, Phi Kappa Psi Fraternity
College House: Ware
Favorite Book; The Eighty-Dollar Champion
Favorite Food: Brownies
Favorite Movie: Hairspray 
Something Interesting About Me: I own two show jumping horses and compete along the East Coast throughout the year.
Dream Travel Destination:Ireland
Favorite PIT Memory: When the manager of Central Market asked my PIT group to return and help out more often because they did such a great job! Also, driving the large van over a parking curb in the lot next to Central Market… 

  • Courtney Rinden '16

Courtney Rinden ‘16

Hometown: Yorba Linda, CA
Major/Minor: Undeclared but leaning towards American Studies
Previous PIT Experience: OPIT1
Service at F&M: VITA, Teamwork, Alpha Phi
Other Activities: Writing Center Tutor, WFNM Radio, thrift shopping, and exploring downtown Lancaster 
College House: Brooks
Favorite Book; Bossy Pants by Tina Fey
Favorite Food: Buffalo wings
Favorite Movie: Wet Hot American Summer, Clueless, and The Breakfast Club
Something Interesting About Me: I was in a girl band in high school.
Dream Travel Destination: Costa Rica
Favorite PIT Memory: Losing my voice during color wars two years in a row and counting!

  • Sarah Rothman

Sarah Rothman '15

Hometown: Bethlehem, PA
Major/Minor: Environmental Science
Previous PIT Experience: CACW ’11, OPIT2 ’12 and ‘13
Service at F&M: Prevent Child Abuse America, working with Girl Scouts, Bridge of Hope, Lehman Center, and more with Kappa Delta Sorority; Save a Child’s Heart, Country Meadows, and more with F&M Hillel; Pantene Beautiful Lengths at Relay for Life; and, of course, PIT!
Other Activities: Writing Center Tutor, Dance Team, Dance Company, Ware Sustainability Committee, Hillel, Kappa Delta
College House: Ware
Favorite Book; The Time Traveler’s Wife, by Audrey Niffenegger
Favorite Food: Mint chocolate chip ice cream
Favorite Movie: Big Fish
Something Interesting About Me: I spent last semester studying at the southern-most university in the world.
Dream Travel Destination: The amazon rainforest
Favorite PIT Memory: Every Saturday night—my weekly dinner with my PIT group from freshman year!
  • Zoe Schwandt '17

Zoe Schwandt ‘17

Hometown: Vienna, VA
Major/Minor: Science and Philosophy of the Mind / minor in Anthropology
Previous PIT Experience: One Goal PITer
Service at F&M: club ultimate frisbee, blue and white society
Other Activities:
College House: (bon)chek us out
Favorite Book; Never Let Me Go by Kazuo Ishiguro
Favorite Food: bread Favorite Movie: Donnie Darko
Something Interesting About Me: I studied French for a month in Nice, France when I was 17.
Dream Travel Destination: Mykonos, Greece
Favorite PIT Memory: My favorite PIT memory was when we went to Hershey Park. My whole group bonded the whole day and ended it by riding the chocolate tour together and jumping out of the ride to take pictures with the cows.

  • Ryan Sukley '15

Ryan Sukley '15

Hometown: Jenkintown, PA
Major/Minor: Economics & Sociology double major
Previous PIT Experience: Habitat for Humanity PITter, Clean Air Clean Water PA (2X)
Service at F&M: Habitat for Humanity, the Catastrophic Relief Alliance, Rotary Club
Other Activities: Phi Kappa Psi fraternity
College House: New College House
Favorite Book; The Things They Carried by Jim O’Brien
Favorite Food: It’s a tie between a filet mignon, cooked medium rare and Honey Bunches of Oats cereal. 
Favorite Movie: Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind
Something Interesting About Me: I have a basic knowledge of Kichwa, the language of an Ecuadorian indigenous group. 
Dream Travel Destination: Cuba
Favorite PIT Memory: Color Wars
  • Hanna Weissler

  Hannah Weissler ‘15

Hometown:  Winnetka, IL
Major/Minor:  Double Dance and Anthropology 
Previous PIT Experience: FFL Pitter and OPIT PA
Service at F&M: Alpha Phi Zeta Sigma, 
Other Activities: F&M Dance Company, F&M Players, Environmental Action Alliance, Tour Guide, and Just Say Yes Improvisational Dance Troupe
College House: Bonchek
Favorite Book; Harry Potters
Favorite Food: Deep Dish Pizza
Favorite Movie: Lion King
Something Interesting About Me: I studied abroad in Tanzania, East Africa!
Dream Travel Destination: Everywhere and anywhere
Favorite PIT Memory: Going on my first rollercoaster with some of the greatest people around!
  • Alex Winer '15

Alexandra (Alex) Winer ‘15

Hometown: Broomfield, CO
Major/Minor: Dance/Spanish
Previous PIT Experience: CACW PITer ‘11
Service at F&M: Prevent Child Abuse America and Girl Scouts of America with Kappa Delta Sorority, Ware Mentor, F&M Hillel and PIT
Other Activities: F&M Dance Company, Dance Team, F&M Hillel, Kappa Delta Sorority
College House: Ware!
Favorite Book; Love me some HP!!  But also Ready Player One by Ernest Cline is sort of, completely amazing!
Favorite Food: Mac n’ Cheese
Favorite Movie: Clue, First Position, Pitch Perfect, Singin’ in the Rain
Something Interesting About Me: I’m a certified Starbucks Barista, but I hate coffee.
Dream Travel Destination: Rhodes, Greece or I’d want to go back to Stockholm, Sweden 
Favorite PIT Memory: Meeting some of my best friends at F&M

  • Elizabeth Yutzey '16

Elizabeth Yutzey ‘16

Hometown: Columbus, Ohio
Major/Minor: Double major in Dance and Anthropology 
Previous PIT Experience: CACW PITer, CACW PA
Service at F&M: Service at F&M:VITA, Brooks Buddies, service through Kappa Delta Sorority, United Way Day of Caring 2013, and PIT! 
Other Activities: Kappa Delta Sorority, F&M Dance Company, The Kituhwan (student-run anthropology journal), Costume Shop worker
College House: Brooks 
Favorite Book; Tie between the Book Thief and Harry Potter
Favorite Food: Any type of pasta!
Favorite Movie: Beauty and the Beast, The Devil Wears Prada, and First Position
Something Interesting About Me: I have been on 3 archaeology digs in Peru, Spain, and Italy!
Dream Travel Destination: Turkey, Jordan, Patagonia... there are too many! 
Favorite PIT Memory: Everything about CACW is fun, but my favorite memories are from the drives to and from Millport. We always blast the radio and the drive turns into a jam sesh with the whole group. 

Victoria Zayat, ‘17

Hometown: Leonia, NJ
Major/Minor: Biology/ Hispanic Cultures 
Previous PIT Experience: OPIT2
Service at F&M: Service through Alpha Phi Sorority, PIT, Relay for Life
Other Activities: Colleges Against Cancer, Alpha Phi Sorority, Blue & White Society 
College House: Bonchek 
Favorite Book; The Fault In Our Stars by John Green
Favorite Food: Steak and Scallops or Mint Chocolate Chip ice cream with hot fudge…can’t decide
Favorite Movie: Pitch Perfect 
Something Interesting About Me: If becoming a doctor/PA or teacher fail, I’m opening my own bakery. Oh, and I’m allergic to the sun…
Dream Travel Destination: Fiji
Favorite PIT Memory: Running through the middle of Lancaster with our color war teams looking ridiculous and having everyone stare at us.