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PIT Mentor Biographies

The Ware Institute and the PIT Planning Intern organize PIT program. Each spring and during the summer the PIT planning intern and the Ware Institute staff review all applications and make selections for the incoming PIT cohort. The PIT Planning intern organizes the programs for each work group with the community partners, ensures that transportation is provided when needed, orders food and purchases tickets to the many venues that the PITers will visit. This is an eight-week paid internship.

  • 13 kseelig

2013 PIT Planning Intern:
Kyle Seelig '15

Hometown: Medford, NJ 
Major/Minor: Business & Cognitive Science; Business and Social Organization
Previous PIT Experience: Building Lancaster 
Service at F&M: Work through my fraternity with the Hole in the Wall organization, founded by Paul Newman as well as contributed to the fundraising of over $36,000 for Relay for Life.
Other Activities: Club Lacrosse, Phi Kappa Tau Fraternity, Program Leader George Washington Elementary
College House Affiliation: Where do you wear your WARE wear?
Favorite Book: Stranger In A Strange Land by Robert A. Heinlein
Favorite Food: Mom’s Swedish Meatballs
Favorite Movie: Crash, Up, and Moonrise Kingdom
Something Interesting About Me: Last Summer I didn’t shower or have a phone for 30 days during an awesome month-long backpacking trip in the Wyoming Wilderness
Dream Travel Destination: Paris or take me back to San Francisco
Best PIT Memory: Riding Tidal Force 3 times in a row at Hershey Park!

  • Rebecca Green '14

PIT Planning Assistant
Rebecca Green '14

Hometown: Essex, VT  
Major/ Minor: intended Government/ Women Gender Studies    
PIT Group:    
Previous PIT Experience: As a rising freshman I did OPIT and LOVED it.
Service at F&M: Field Leader of The Human Rights Initiative THRI, which has included volunteering at Reynolds Middle School.     
Other Activities: Working at the Admission Office, yoga, playing the piano, exploring Central Market!
College House Affiliation: Ware    
Favorite Book: Half the Sky by Nicholas Kristof
Favorite Food: Anything with hummus!
Favorite Movie: My Fair Lady
Something Interesting About Me: I am going to South Africa this summer.
Dream Travel Destination: India
Best PIT Memory: Winning color wars and forming long-lasting friendships with my fellow PITters!

  • Rhya Ghose '15

Rhya Ghose '15

Hometown: Allentown, PA
Major/Minor: Psychology-Public Health
Previous PIT Experience: CACW PITer, OPIT2 PIT PA!
Service at F&M: THRI, F&M Cares, Girl Scouts of America
Other Activities: Kappa Delta, Writing Center tutor, Common Hour Committee
College House Affiliation: New 
Favorite Book: Love Medicine 
Favorite Food: Pasta!
Favorite Movie: Moonrise Kingdom
Something Interesting About Me: I can’t snap with my right hand! 
Dream Travel Destination: Lots of places! I’d love to do an Eat, Pray, Love kind of trip.
Best PIT Memory: On the last day of PIT, my group was painting a fence and we all agreed to wear white and “accidentally” paint each other’s shirts. Now our shirts serve as a reminder of what a great week we had (but they’re pretty much only socially acceptable to sleep in).
  • Bill Hamersly

Bill Hamersly ‘16

Hometown: Clarks Summit, PA
Major/Minor: Planned Double Major in French & English Lit.
PIT Group: Friends for Life
Previous PIT Experience: Friends for Life 
Service at F&M: F&M Cares
Other Activities: Students for Education Reform and anything feminist
College House Affiliation: Brooks
Favorite Book: There’s too many! But if I had to choose, Jonathan Safran Foer’s Everything is Illuminated or Samuel Beckett’s Waiting for Godot
Favorite Food: Spicy Chocolate Cake with Chili Pepper Jelly
Favorite Movie: Beauty & the Beast (Almost every song in it’s my jam. No shame…)
Something Interesting About Me: Movie soundtracks make me really emotional 
and I don’t know what to do about it.
Dream Travel Destination: Oulu, Finland or Grenada, Spain
Best PIT Memory:  “The Notebook Couple” at Country Meadows.
  • Arielle Leider '14

Arielle Leider '14

Hometown: Baltimore, MD
Major/ Minor: Math
PIT Group: FFL 1 (Friends for Life)
Previous PIT Experience: FFL Pitter 2010, FFL PA 2011
Service at F&M: : F & M Cares, VITA, THRI, Volunteering at Reynolds Middle School
Other Activities: Tour Guide, Alpha Phi
College House Affiliation: Brooks
Favorite Book: The Art of Racing in the Rain
Favorite Food: Mac n’ Cheese (preferably in spongebob shapes)
Favorite Movie: Wall-e, Mean Girls, Up, and Crazy Stupid Love
Something Interesting About Me: I like to drink small amounts of soy sauce plain…
Dream Travel Destination: London (studying abroad there this Fall!)
Best PIT Memory: Getting to know the PITters and making life-long friends (cheesy but true)


  • Katie Machen

Katie Machen '15

Hometown: Monkton, MD
Major/Minor: English Lit & French double major
PIT Group: Building Lancaster
Previous PIT Experience: Building PITer 2011, Building PA 2012
Service at F&M: F&M Works at Lutheran Refugee Services, Volunteering at Burrowes Elementary School, ESL at St. Peter's, Volunteering with Church World Service, Catastrophic Relief Alliance
Other Activities: InterVarsity Christian Fellowship, The Human Rights Initiative, Writing Center Tutor, Writers House Enthusiast 
College House Affiliation: Ware!!
Favorite Book: The Book Thief by Markus Zusak 
Favorite Food: Watermelon, steamed crabs
Favorite Movie: Love Actually
Something Interesting About Me: When I retire I want to be an usher at my regional theatre and see all the musicals and plays for free.
Dream Travel Destination: Backpacking through Europe
Best PIT Memory: Making music while scraping paint off the floor on our last day at SACA, karaoke in the van every morning, and making some of my best friends at F&M!
  • Mike Manley '14

Mike Manley  '14

Hometown: Drexel Hill, PA
Major/ Minor: Theatre Performance Major with a Minor in English
PIT Group: OPIT 1
Previous PIT Experience: 3 years of OPIT!
Service at F&M:  Three years of PIT, one year of F&M Cares, Raised money for Active Minds through my A Cappella Group: The Chessmen
Other Activities: The Chessmen, F&M Aca-Council, TDF Department, F&M Players, The Green Room Theatre Club, Admissions Board, Tour Guide, Faculty Admissions Board, Conference & Events Senior Staff Member.
College House Affiliation: Bonchek College House
Favorite Book: The Dog Stars
 by Peter Heller
Favorite Food: Double Bacon Cheeseburger
with Pickles
Favorite Movie: Bridesmaids
Something Interesting About Me: I studied abroad in London last year and within three months got a research grant to do back just so I could interview at grad schools there! I am hoping to move back within a year!
Dream Travel Destination: The outer rings of Saturn. 
Best PIT Memory: Linda. – ask me about it sometime. 
  • PJ McGinnis '15
P.J. McGinnis '15

Hometown: Collegeville, PA
Major/Minor: Intended BOS/Spanish
PIT Group: FFL 1
Previous PIT Experience: FFL 1
Service at F&M: PIT, Colleges Against Cancer
Other Activities: Equestrian Club
College House Affiliation: Ware
Favorite Book: The Eighty-Dollar Champion
Favorite Food: Brownies
Favorite Movie: Seabiscuit
Something Interesting About Me: I own two show jumping horses and compete along the East Coast throughout the entire year.
Dream Travel Destination: Ireland
Best PIT Memory: Putting on a talent show for the residents at Country Meadows!

  • Courtney Rinden

Courtney Rinden ‘16

Hometown: Yorba Linda, CA
Major/Minor: Undeclared but leaning towards American Studies
PIT Group: OPIT2
Previous PIT Experience: OPIT1
Service at F&M: VITA
Other Activities: WFNM Radio, Alpha Phi, eating at all the awesome restaurants in downtown Lancaster, walking, yoga
College House Affiliation: Brooks
Favorite Book: The Giving Tree by Shel Silverstein
Favorite Food: Buffalo wings
Favorite Movie: School of Rock/anything with Judd Apatow
Something Interesting About Me: If I could own one of every kind of dog breed, I would. I would also ideally own a large plot of land to allow them ample room to play!
Dream Travel Destination: Costa Rica
Best PIT Memory: Losing my voice during color wars! Everyone I met during freshmen orientation thought my voice was a lot cooler than it is in real life. Whoops.
  • Brady Roberts

Brady Roberts ‘14

Hometown: Glenside, Pennsylvania 
Major/Minor: Government and Sociology Major
PIT Group: Building Lancaster
Previous PIT Experience: Building Lancaster 
Service at F&M: Diplomatic Congress, Club Council, F&M Works
Other Activities: Phi Kappa Psi, Brooks House Court
College House Affiliation: Brooks House is best house
Favorite Book: The Things They Carried by Tim O’Brien  
Favorite Food: Mac and Cheese
Favorite Movie: In Bruges
Something Interesting About Me: My Dad is the 1998 North American Bog Snorkeling Champion 
Dream Travel Destination: New Zealand 
Best PIT Memory: Top Gun Callsigns 
  • Molly Samson '16

Molly Samson '16

Hometown: Wayne, PA 
Major/Minor: No idea 
PIT Group: Lighten up Lancaster
Previous PIT Experience: FFL
Service at F&M: F&M Cares, Service through Alpha Phi Sorority, Service through lacrosse team
Other Activities: Secretary of Ski Club, Alpha Phi Sorority, Manager of varsity lacrosse team
College House Affiliation: The Ware College House
Favorite Book: 19 Minutes by Jodi Picoult
Favorite Food: Anything with chocolate! 
Favorite Movie: Sweet Home Alabama, A Cinderella Story, Pitch Perfect
Something Interesting About Me: I love to ski!
Dream Travel Destination: Africa
Best PIT Memory: Chatting with Betty and Sid at Lancaster Generations about their love life and making best friends with my group in the process!
  • Lily Sands

Lily Sands '16

Hometown: New York, NY
Major/Minor: intended Psychology major, religious studies minor
Previous PIT Experience: ONE-CWS!
Service at F&M: various events with Chi Omega Sorority, Relay for Life, Squash Aces, .08
Other Activities: Varsity Squash, Chi Omega
College House Affiliation: Ware
Favorite Book: Hunger Games
Favorite Food: frozen yogurt with a lot of toppings
Favorite Movie: Legally Blonde, Mean Girls
Something Interesting About Me: I have moved 15 times by the time I was 12.
Dream Travel Destination: London
Best PIT Memory: Playing and connecting with the ONE-CWS kids and seeing how quickly they are able to learn and assimilate with American society. They made huge developments last summer, in learning English and in activities, and I cannot wait to make connections with them again this summer.
  • Sarah Rothman

Sarah Rothman '15

Hometown: Bethlehem, PA
Major/Minor: Environmental Science
PIT Group: OPIT 2!
Previous PIT Experience: OPIT 2 (PA), CACW (pitter!)
Service at F&M: Prevent Child Abuse America, working with Girl Scouts, Bridge of Hope, Lehman Center, and more with Kappa Delta Sorority; Save a Child’s Heart, Country Meadows, and more with F&M Hillel; Pantene Beautiful Lengths at Relay for Life; and, of course, PIT!
Other Activities: Writing Center Tutor, Dance Team, Dance Company, Ware Sustainability Committee, Hillel, Kappa Delta
College House Affiliation: Ware!
Favorite Book: The Time Traveler’s Wife, by Audrey Niffenegger
Favorite Food: Mint chocolate chip ice cream
Favorite Movie: Big Fish
Something Interesting About Me: I went to Hawai'i with Brown University on a program to study volcanoes.  Also, I am allergic to mango skin.
Dream Travel Destination: the Amazon rain forest
Best PIT Memory: I still get dinner weekly with my PIT group from when I was a freshman..CACW’11, too many memories to recount…
  • Sarah Strong '14

Sarah Strong '14

Hometown: Scotch Plains, NJ
Major/Minor: Joint Major in Biology and Dance
PIT Group: OPIT!
Previous PIT Experience: Friends For Life 2010 and OPIT PA 2012! 
Service at F&M: PITer 2010, United Way Day of Caring 2010, Swab to Save: Bone Marrow Donor Drive Coordinator, Schreiber Pediatrics swim buddy, co-Director of Philanthropy for Alpha Phi, F&M Cares, TEAMWORK, Community Service Committee for Alpha Phi
Other Activities: Ware Parliament 2011, F&M Dance Company, Alpha Phi, Life After College Success, Reunion Weekend Student Ambassador, Students For Education Reform
College House Affiliation: Ware
Favorite Book: Ishmael by Daniel Quinn
Favorite Food: Avocados
Favorite Movie: Dirty Dancing
Something Interesting About Me: I lived in London for three years!
Dream Travel Destination: Spontaneous cross-country trip with my best friend
Best PIT Memory: Playing Wii Bowling with the residents at Country Meadows!
  • Ryan Sukley '15

Ryan Sukley '15

Hometown: Abington, PA
Major/ Minor: Double major in Economics and Sociology, minor in Spanish
PIT Group: Clean Air, Clean Water
Previous PIT Experience: H4H PITter ‘11, CACW PA
Service at F&M: Phi Kappa Psi philanthropy co-chair, Habitat for Humanity event organizer, Catastrophic Relief Alliance (CRA)
Other Activities: F&M Rowing
College House Affiliation: New College House
Favorite Book:  The Things They Carried by Tim O´Brien
Favorite Food: Fajitas
Favorite Movie: Pan's Labrynth
Something Interesting About Me: I've ridden a bike down the "Death Road" in La Paz, Bolivia.
Dream Travel Destination: Seville, Spain
Best PIT Memory: Swimming in the lake at Millport Nature Conservancy

  • Jessica Tynes '15

Jessica Tynes '15

Hometown: Melville, NY 
Major/Minor: Double Major in Math & Economics
PIT Group: OPIT! 
Previous PIT Experience: FFL PITer ‘11, FFL 2 PA ‘12
Service at F&M: Director of Philanthropy for Alpha Phi, VITA Tax Preparer, Catastrophic Relief Alliance, Brooks Buddies
Other Activities: Alpha Phi, Blue & White Society, Financial Services Honor Society, Campus Outreach Intern at the Ware Institute
College House Affiliation: Brooks!
Favorite Book: Pride & Prejudice
Favorite Food: Raisinets
Favorite Movie: Beauty & the Beast
Something Interesting About Me: My favorite way to listen to music is on my record player
Dream Travel Destination: South African Safari
Best PIT Memory:  Walking around for a good 2 days with a green tinted face after color wars..and chinshake.
  • Hanna Weissler

Hannah Weissler ‘15

Hometown:  Winnetka, IL
Major/Minor:  Double Dance and Anthropology 
PIT Group: OPIT 1 
Previous PIT Experience: FFL2 (BEST friends for life)
Service at F&M: Alpha Phi Sorority, 
Other Activities: Dance Company, F&M Players, Bonchek PA, Tour Guide, Environmental Action Alliance, Just Say Yes Dance Troupe 
College House Affiliation: Bonchek (AKA Gryffindor) 
Favorite Food: Lion’s meat, obviously. Or a deep dish spinach pizza.
Favorite Movie:  Lion King
Something Interesting About Me: My main hobbies include eating and sleeping.
Dream Travel Destination: There are just too many!
Best PIT Memory: Bringing the FFL2 unicorn to life.
  • Elizabeth Yutzey

Elizabeth Yutzey ‘16

Hometown: Columbus, OH
Major/Minor: Undeclared; potential Anthropology or Classics major and Dance minor
Previous PIT Experience: CACW!
Service at F&M: VITA Greeter, The Human Rights Initiative, various events with Kappa Delta Sorority, 2012 PITer, Brooks Buddies
Other Activities: Kappa Delta Sorority, F&M Dance Company, Dance Club, and photography 
College House Affiliation: Brooks College House 
Favorite Book: It’s a 3-way tie between The Book Thief, the Harry Potter Series, and Divergent
Favorite Food: Any type of pasta!
Favorite Movie: The Devil Wears Prada
Something Interesting About Me: I spent this past summer digging at an archaeological site on an island off the coast of Spain and I have also been briefly worked at a dig site in Peru during high school. 
Dream Travel Destination: Patagonia, Turkey, and Israel
Best PIT Memory: My PIT group was painting a fence, but it turned into a paint war and by the end we were all covered from head to toe in paint and it took me 3 days to get it all off.  Also, we got lost on the way to Millport and we drove around corn fields for 20 minutes before we figured out where we were.