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The Ware Institute for Civic Engagement values our students and community partners who do excellent service and work in the Lancaster community and beyond. 

Ware Spotlights highlight great individual and group achievement to share the positive relationships between our students, community partners and Franklin & Marshall College. 

  • Bailey Saltz '15

Bailey Saltz '15

Bailey Saltz, a sophomore at Franklin & Marshall College, is a volunteer at Wharton Elementary School. There, she is a reading class assistant and works with third graders several times a week. Her primary job is to help students improve their reading skills. Additionally, she aids the teacher in ensuring students complete assignments. Her supervisor, teacher Jenn Laudeman explained that Bailey “works with small groups of students helping them with their responses to reading and helps keep students on task while I run guided reading groups. I was pleasantly surprised how quickly she jumped right in to interact and help the students. ”

Bailey’s work allows students to get small setting education while participating in the larger class. Bailey is finding her work rewarding and can already see that her assistance is paying off. Bailey revealed, “As frustrating as it can be to try to walk a child through the same concept multiple times, it's extremely rewarding to see how happy they are when they finally understand the concept they are struggling with. Knowing that a child depends on you for help and guidance is very heart warming and I couldn't ask for a better feeling.”

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  • Markera Jones '15

Markera Jones ‘15

Markera Jones, a sophomore at Franklin & Marshall College, is the F&M Works in Lancaster Steinman Intern for the 2012-2013 academic year at the Future Access Center at McCaskey High School. The Future Access Center’s goal is to create a culture of college-bound students in their diverse and urban location. Markera is available for hours each day in the after-school tutoring session of 80 students at McCaskey to speak with High School Seniors about college. Markera’s supervisor, Pam McCarty, revealed, “She is an inspired leader, who has quickly become a valued member of the McCaskey family. She clearly represents a grounded, ambitious and interested student, that the high school students can also easily respond to.”

Additionally, Markera works intimately with the Future Access Office as they plan college fairs and trips to create a better understanding of the benefits of a college education. Part of her job is to help facilitate the ten college trips involving 200 students and 27 colleges. Her successes are already becoming apparent as she helps students become college-bound seniors. Markera explained, “A few of the students are beginning to get closer to me, and I'm already helping one senior with her college search and preparation with her [college] essays. Overall, I am really pleased with this internship. It is hard, but the students appreciate it and it makes us [at the Future Access Center] feel great!”

To learn more about the F&M works program please contact:

, Post-Graduate Fellow for Human Rights

To learn more about Markera’s work in her own words follow @FandMWorks on twitter. Her tweets are signed #MJ

For more about the Future Access Center please contact Pam McCarty, Campus Coordinator, Future Access Center Rm 160 JP McCaskey High School 445 N. Reservior St Lancaster, PA 17602 (717) 291-6211 x 30575

More about the F&M Works in Lancaster program and to meet the other 20 Steinman interns please check out the F&M Works web page