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Volunteer Opportunities

Volunteer Opportunities

Following are descriptions of several areas where you can choose to volunteer. Please take a moment to review each area and then select all that apply using the check boxes below.

Refugee Outreach:

Volunteers can assist local refugees with the resettlement process, work in an after-school program with refugee students, help provide ESL and citizenship tutoring for adults or become involved with The Human Rights Initiative (THRI) student group.

Educational Outreach:

Volunteers can provide assistance in elementary, middle and high school classrooms, help elementary students improve their reading skills, tutor high school students in math or work with kids in after-school programs.

Public Health:

Volunteers can serve at local health clinics and hospitals, engage with children with disabilities, or perhaps help organize an annual Bone Marrow Donor Drive.

Social Justice / County Services:

Students can volunteer at local retirement communities, assist staff at local food and clothing banks or help the most vulnerable members of our community - children and adults at shelters and temporary housing facilities.

Squash A.C.E.S.

An after school enrichment program that combines academics, community service and the game of squash. We serve a cohort of twenty underserved yet motivated students from Reynolds Middle School and McCaskey High School.

F&M S.L.A.M.

An after school enrichment program that uses sport as a tool to provide a safe and interactive learning environment for local Lancaster middle school students. Reynolds Middle School will recruit students to be a part of the program, which will run from 2:30pm – 5:30pm on Mondays and Wednesdays. Participants will spend approximately one hour working on their homework and or planned workshops and the next hour playing a sport.

V.I.T.A. Volunteer Income Tax Assistance Program (positions filled for Spring 2014)

F&M operates a Volunteer Income Tax Assistance (VITA) site on campus in the spring semester. On Saturday and Sunday afternoons we invite members of the community that meet certain income limits (set by the IRS) to have their tax returns prepared free of charge.  Volunteers attend training sessions in the late fall and complete on-line training over winter break.  Students expressing interest in VITA will be contacted to complete a separate application.

Student Clearance Forms

Student Clearance forms for volunteers who work with children are often required before you can begin volunteering. Contact a Ware Institute team member if you have questions about clearances or follow this link for more information.


Please contact the if you have questions about volunteering or our programs.