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Our motto is socii mundi, or united under the sun. It is our call to join together in our House community to pursue knowledge and truth.

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The Pulse of  Weis

Story 1/27/2016

Givers to the Community, CRA Receives Generous Alumni Gift

On their recent trip to Houston, where 18 students and three F&M staff helped to repair homes damaged from the May and October floods, CRA received a generous gift for all the giving they have done.

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Story 10/27/2015

Off-Campus Study: Lauren Muliawan '16

Government and American Studies major studies on the IFSA Edinburgh Parliamentary Internship program in Scotland.

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Story 9/15/2015

Clever, Sophisticated Story Lines at 2015 Student Film...

Franklin & Marshall College's annual screening of the best student films submitted to film production courses during the 2014-015 academic year is in the Green Room Theatre at 7:30 p.m. Wednesday,...

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