The History of Weis House

Established during the 2005-2006 academic year, our motto
is socii mundi, or united under the sun. It is our call for
students to join together in our House community to pursue
knowledge and truth. Weis College House is noted, too, for
several traditions that involve the larger community as

  • Weis House Crest

Meet the People of Weis College House!

The People of Weis College House are Always Doing Something Great on Campus!    

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The Pulse of  Weis College House

Story 10/27/2015

Off-Campus Study: Lauren Muliawan '16

Government and American Studies major studies on the IFSA Edinburgh Parliamentary Internship program in Scotland.

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Story 9/15/2015

Clever, Sophisticated Story Lines at 2015 Student Film...

Franklin & Marshall College's annual screening of the best student films submitted to film production courses during the 2014-015 academic year is in the Green Room Theatre at 7:30 p.m. Wednesday,...

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Story 9/1/2015

President Daniel R. Porterfield's Convocation 2015 Address

Today, as searchers and scholars, we welcome some 617 first-year students and transfer students into an iconic college forged 228 years ago in the glowing embers of a new democracy. 

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