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Weis College House

While living in a community of respect and responsibility, members of Weis House are guaranteed certain individual rights. This is possible when members respect the rights of all individuals in the House. Each student has a part in promoting the success of the daily living environment through adhering to the responsibilities outlined below. The House Dispute Resolution Council reserves the right to hear or review any violations as outlined in the Weis House Constitution.


Noise and Quiet  Hours: It is a responsibility of House members to keep 24-hour courtesy hours. During courtesy hours residents must respect the requests of fellow residents for reductions in noise (sounds that can be heard inside a closed room).  It is expected that from Sunday evenings to Friday mornings, 11pm-6am, will be quiet hours.  From Friday evenings to Sunday mornings, 2am-8am, will be quiet hours.

Endangering Activities: F&M prohibits “behaviour or activities which recklessly or intentionally endanger the safety of oneself or others.” This includes but is not limited to destructive behaviour; arson; and tampering with, damaging, or misusing fire safety equipment.”

Fire Alarms:  Be mindful of activities that can set off the fire alarm. This includes hall sports, which are prohibited.  In addition, open flames are prohibited in Weis House.  F&M prohibits students from lighting candles in their rooms. Tampering with fire alarms in any way is also prohibited and is punished seriously by the College.

Smoking: Smoking is prohibited in all of the College’s residential facilities.  It is the responsibility of residents smoking outside of the entrances to dispose of  cigarette butts.

Vandalism:  Destruction of property or altering house possessions is prohibited in Weis house. This includes but is not limited to furniture & bulletin boards.

Common Spaces

Common Spaces: Common spaces are to be used on a first-come-first-serve basis. However, be courteous of others. Common areas must be respected and returned to their original condition after use.

Furniture: All residents are responsible for insuring common space furniture stays in common spaces.

Laundry Room: The laundry rooms will be emptied every week. If laundry has been sitting in the machine (after the cycle is over) for more than 10 minutes it can be emptied in an appropriate manner.

Kitchen: It is the responsibility of all House members to leave the kitchen in the same or better state as what you find it.  Dishes are to be washed within 24 hours or they will be thrown away.  Clean the microwave after use.  All items in the fridge must be labelled and dated.


Trash Cans: If trash cans in rooms overflow, kindly empty them out into the larger trash bins in the kitchen, bathroom, or at the end of the halls.

Housekeeping Staff

Respect all Housekeeping and other Facilities & Operations personnel.

Guests & Roommate Contracts

All residents must sign and honour roommate contracts as well as the guest clause included within.  Renegotiation of a contract must be conducted with the House Advisor.

Residents who host guests are responsible for the conduct and behavior of their guests.  Overnight guests must be approved by the roommate(s) of whoever is hosting the guest.  Long-term, overnight guests (4+ days) requires the approval of the House Prefect.  Guests must abide by the rules set by the House.


Bathrooms are single gender only.  Use bathrooms of your own gender.

House Advisors on duty as well as house residents may use or enter the bathroom of the opposite gender to deal with or respond to an emergency.

It is the responsibility of all residents to leave the bathrooms in the same or better condition than they were when you entered.


Franklin & Marshall College prohibits “Theft of or unauthorized use of property. This includes but is not limited to theft or unauthorized use of property, possession of stolen property including college property or property of a member of the college or a member of the greater community.”

Interference of Investigation/False Statements 

Individuals are prohibited to make false statements in investigations. Individuals who do so are subject to a hearing by the Weis House Dispute Resolution Council and the College’s Judicial System.

Jurisdiction between Houses

An individual is subject to hearing or review if he/she violates any house rules/responsibilities in another house. In this circumstance the student is subject to a hearing in the house where the violation occurred.  Additionally, in accordance with the Weis House Constitution, Weis House reserve the right to hold hearings for non-Weis House residents in violation of Weis House responsibilities.

The College Judicial System

Weis House residents, as well as residents of other Houses, who do not uphold their responsibilities as stated in this document may be subject to a hearing before the Weis House Dispute Resolution Council as well as a disciplinary action within the College’s Judicial System.