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Fall 2014 Fitness Classes

A list of classes for the Fall semester is available here.

Heart Walk 2014

Sign up today to be a part of the 2014 Lancaster County Heart Walk! Join fellow F&M colleagues and students on Saturday, September 20 at Spooky Nook Sports Complex as we gather to take a stand against heart disease. For more information and to register for this fun event, please download the files below. Questions? Contact Renee Yoder at .  

Join F&M's Heart Walk Team here

For more information on this fun community event, please visit the Heart Walk homepage:

Unable to participate on September 20th but still wish to support the cause? Visit the website to make a donation to F&M's Heart Walk Team.


Staying Safe in the Outdoors

A few reminders and simple, common sense precautions to take to ensure a fun-filled and safe summer.

2014 American Heart Association Award

Franklin & Marshall College has once again been awarded "Fit Friendly Company" status by the American Heart Association. This year we have moved uo to Platinum status! The status recognizes employers who display progessive leadership and  "who go above and beyond when it comes to their employees' health."

Enter Your Points by April 30th!

Dear FPS,
This year's Wellness Rewards initiative has been a great success, and we hope that are you are seeing results and developing healthy habits after participating in this year's program.  As of April 30th, you will no longer be able to record completion dates for wellness activities to earn points for the program.
It is important that you fill in the completion date for all of your wellness activities by Wednesday, April 30th to earn all of your points!
So don't wait!  Log in to your Highmark Wellness Rewards account and record any activities and appointments so that you can earn those points today!
Here's a reminder of what you can earn by entering your activities and appointments:
Tier 1: Earn 25 points for completing the Wellness Profile for a $25 incentive.
Tier 2: Earn another 50 points for an additional $50 incentive. ($75 total!)
Tier 3: Earn another 75 points for an additional $125 incentive ($200 total!)
Tier 4: Earn another 75 points for an additional $100 incentive ($300 total!)
Yes, that's right!  You can earn up to $300 by logging your wellness activities in to the Wellness Rewards program.  What a nice bonus, in addition to achieving a healthier lifestyle!
Need some ideas for reaching some of those tiers?  
  • Don't forget to log monthly exercise.  By entering each month, you get 10 points!  Simply click on the "Monthly Physical Activity" tile for the month you need to enter, and enter the completion date.
  • You can also earn 5 points each for entering a dental or vision exam that you scheduled during the past year.  Simply enter the exam date after clicking on the appropriate exam tile.  Be sure to check the Wellness Rewards page for any other appointments that you may have scheduled during the past year that could help you earn points.  
  • Don't forget to use the WebMD Symptom Checker, or read a WebMD News Article for 5 points each.  You can receive points for reading up to 3 news articles.  Those articles can be accessed from the WebMD Wellness Center Home page by clicking on any of the 4 articles listed under the News section.
  • All employees who have actively participated in 5 out of the 6 weeks in the Spring into Fitness Challenge can enter the information for completing this program during the last week of April.  More instructions about completing this task will be sent to participants in the challenge's weekly emails.
But what if you've scheduled an appointment after the April 30th deadline?  
If you have scheduled (or plan to schedule) any exams, screenings or appointments that qualify you for Wellness Rewards points, you can log those points before the deadline!  You can get credit for these appointments by entering a date before April 30th in the applicable Wellness Rewards tile.  Please note that any exams, screenings or appointments after July 1st will count toward next year's program.
Have questions?
If you have any questions about entering activities in to the Wellness Rewards program page, please contact the Wellness Committee at .
On behalf of the Wellness Committee,
Meg Massey

Spring Into Fitness Challenge

The Spring Into Fitness Program has begun!  During this 6-week program, F&M will be engaging in friendly competition with the faculty and professional staff of Elizabethtown College, Gettysburg College, Mount St. Mary's University, and York College.  Participants, don't forget to enter any purposeful exercise you've completed during the week.  A daily exercise tracking form is available below and a link will be sent to you each week so you can record the week's exercise totals.
This challenge is worth 10 points for those participating in F&M’s Wellness Rewards program.

Office Ergonomics Session

Wednesday, March 26th at Noon in Booth Ferris South

People who sit for large portions of the day are at high risk for back injury.  There are ways to prevent such injury simply by adjusting your chair and workstation.  Having an ergonomically correct workstation can also lower risk of developing other musculoskeletal disorders such as carpal tunnel syndrome.  This session on Office Ergonomics will discuss the various problems that office personnel run into as a result of workstations that are not ergonomically correct.  We will also review the simple steps that one can take to fix their workstation by adjusting their chair and reevaluating their desk setup. In addition to reviewing office ergonomics, we will have samples of various ergonomic office equipment to examine.  This event will take place on March 26th at Noon in Booth Ferris South.  Employees are invited to bring their lunch to this event.

This is a repeat program.  It was offered on February 19th, but a second time has been scheduled due to poor weather that day.  This program is worth 10 points under “Safety Program” for those participating in F&M’s Wellness Rewards program. 

Slips, Trips and Falls

Here are several handouts from the recent talk on how to prevent slips, trips and falls in the workplace:

Trips, Slips and Falls: The Powerpoint Presentation, from Denise Freeman, F&M's Director of Environmental Health and Safety

The Dangers of Slips, Trips and Falls (from the National Safety Council)

The Prevention of Slips, Trips and Falls (from the Canadian Centre for Occupational Health and Safety

Slips, Trips and Falls: Prevention and Regulations (from Grainger Industrial Supply)

Wellness Rewards

This year it's easier than ever to use F&M's Wellness Rewards program, brought to you by the FPS Wellness Committee and Highmark Blue Shield.

Powered by WebMD, the interactive and easy-to-use Wellness Rewards website enables users to more quickly enroll in this year's program, track activities and goals, and record points earned. This four-tiered points-based program allows qualified employees to earn up to 225 points and receive up to $300 in incentives.  Below, we've outlined a few ways that you can earn points.
Initial Health Assessment
Each person enrolling in F&M's Wellness Rewards must complete the site's health assessment in order to participate in the program, and to earn incentives.  This assessment does take some time to complete, but the details you provide will help the program create a more individualized wellness approach for you.  Take a few minutes to get started with the Wellness Rewards program today!
Logging Physical Activity: A New Way to Earn Points!
Brand new to this year's program: you can now earn points for completing and logging monthly Physical Activity.  Participants are challenged to complete an average of at least 90 minutes or more of physical activity during each week of the month.  Weekly exercise may be completed in 20- or 30-minute sessions if desired.
Physical Activity is defined as planned, purposeful physical activity performed with the intention of acquiring fitness or other health benefits.  Physical exercise resulting from participating in other challenges sponsored by the Wellness Committee, such as the Spring into Fitness Challenge, are recorded in addition to the weekly 90 minutes required by this challenge. 

Physical Activity completion should be entered into the Wellness Rewards Program at the end of each month.  At the end of each month, a new tile will be shown for the current month.   The tiles will be labeled “Monthly Physical Activity- with the current month.”  Previous months will also be shown.  If you forget to enter a month’s activity, you can always go back and choose the tile, but you will not be able to flip a new tile before the actual month of activity.  

More Information & Resources

View the Wellness Rewards Program brochure below for more details, or visit the FAQ. Additional questions not addressed in the brochure or on our website can be directed to .
On behalf of the Wellness Committee,

Meg Massey

  • Wellness Rewards Tiles
  • Questions and answers about the tiles for Wellness Rewards, such as "How do I find out what I need to do to earn points for each tile?"

  • Download file
  • Telephonic Coaching
  • All about Telephonic Coaching, offered through Blues on Call

  • Download file

Preventative Exams and Wellness Rewards

One of the most important things you can do for yourself is to schedule regular checkups and preventative exams.  As you get out the calendar to start planning commitments for the year, take some time to invest in yourself and schedule recommended exams.

Preventative exams help to maintain your body and good health throughout your entire lifetime. You'll also be investing in one of best methods to prevent illness from happening in the first place, and to detect a disease in the earliest stages so that it will not become serious enough to negatively affect your life.

When you're sick, you have no choice but to think about your health. However, with preventative care, you are in control to plan and follow through ahead of time. That's more convenient than dealing with an illness that could have been prevented.

Preventative exams, screenings, immunizations and flu shots are vital elements of F&M's employee Wellness Rewards program.  Employees can earn these points that add up quickly toward rewards:

Colorectal exam -- 10 points
Mammogram -- 5 points
OB/GYN exam -- 5 points
Vision exam -- 5 points
Dental exam -- 5 points
Preventative exam -- 10 points (other preventative exams that do not fall into the other categories, such as a bone density test for osteoporosis, or thyroid disease screening, or general physical checkup, for example)
Flu shot -- 5 points

As an investment, preventative care is worth the time and sacrifice to keep you and your family on the road to good health.

Tips on Quitting Tobacco

Lancaster General Health offers the following flier on free programs to help make a quit plan that works for you.

YMCA Discount

Franklin & Marshall is pleased to have joined the Lancaster YMCA's Healthy Workplace Program.  Through the Healthy Workplace Program, faculty and professional staff of Franklin & Marshall are eligible to receive discounts on adult and family YMCA memberships, both at the City Y and the Lampeter-Strasburg branch.  Faculty and staff are eligible to receive a 10% discount on an adult or family Y membership, as well as a discounted initial registration fee.

Faculty and staff who wish to join the Lancaster Y may download a membership application from , and should bring the completed application to a Y branch along with their F&M ID card.  Current Lancaster Y members can receive the 10% discount going forward by showing their F&M ID card to a YMCA membership coordinator.

Y members enjoy access to fitness facilities and equipment; indoor and outdoor pools; indoor and outdoor tracks; a steam room, sauna, and whirlpool; a variety of fitness classes and recreation activities for all ages; and an "I-Zone" fitness room and child watch area for kids.  Please visit for more information about the Lancaster Y.

If you have questions about Y membership or the Healthy Workplace Program, please feel free to contact the Y's membership director at (717) 464-4000, ext. 205.

We also want to thank Jane Price, the F & M Wellness Committee members and Human Resources for their work in creating this relationship with one of our neighbors.

Thank you,
Robin Wert
Coordinator of Athletic Equipment Operations and Wellness Committee Chair

Franklin & Marshall College

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Circuit Training Program

Think that you don’t have time for a strength workout along with your aerobic program?  Looking for a new program?  Try this circuit program at the Alumni Sports and Fitness Center.