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August 2011 Wellness Tip

Highmark Blue Shield On-line Programs

The FPS Wellness Committee is gearing up and making preparations for this year's Lifestyle Rewards Wellness Program, which will begin in September, to encourage faculty and professional staff to engage in a variety of activities to help lead a healthier lifestyle.  

Our health insurance carrier, Highmark Blue Shield, offers various on-line programs that are always accessible, no matter what time of year, to improve your health and help control health care costs...learning and management tools that you can participate in anytime, around your schedule.  There are a number of on-line topics listed below.  To access the programs:

·       Go to
·       Complete the login process, entering your login ID and password.
·       If you do not have a login ID and password, create one as instructed.
·       Click “Your Health.”
·       Click “Improve Your Health.”
 Select a category, choose a program and get started.

HealthMedia® SUCCEED® — Wellness Profile

Eat Healthy, Manage Weight and Get Active

HealthMedia® BALANCE® — Weight Management Program
HealthMedia® MOVE® — Stay Active
HealthMedia® NOURISH® — Nutrition Program
HealthMedia® OVERCOMING™ Binge Eating

Quit Smoking

HealthMedia® BREATHE® — Smoking Cessation Program

Manage Stress and its Symptoms

HealthMedia® OVERCOMING™ Insomnia — Sleep Improvement Program
HealthMedia® RELAX® — Stress Management Program

Manage a Health Condition

HealthMedia® ACHIEVE™ — Lower Cholesterol
HealthMedia® CONTROL™ — Control Blood Pressure
HealthMedia® CARE® for Diabetes — Diabetes Support and Education
HealthMedia® CARE® for Pain — Self-Management Program for Pain
HealthMedia® CARE® for Your Back — Program for Back Pain
HealthMedia® CARE® for Your Health — Program for Chronic Conditions
HealthMedia® OVERCOMING™ Depression — Cope with Depression
HealthMedia® STRIDE™ — Walk Pain Free

Cindi Dinger, on behalf of the Wellness Committee