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March 2010 Wellness Tip


Wellness Workshops and Webinars

Wellness is multidimensional. The most-common dimensions of wellness are described as social, occupational, spiritual, physical, intellectual, environmental, financial, mental, medical and emotional.

Full-time F&M employees can enhance their wellness in several of those aspects through Life Management Associates' (LMA) programs in coordination with F&M's Employee Assistance Program (EAP). LMA's programs can provide practical tools for living with greater control, reducing stress, and taking a step closer to overall wellness.

Full-time employees may be able to "trade" their free EAP sessions to attend these workshops/webinars free of charge. Interested persons may call LMA directly to register for sessions. To register, please call 394-6688 or 1-800-327-7770. LMA's website for employee assistance services can be found at

Below is a description from LMA of the Employee Assistance Program Public Seminars (P) and Webinars (W) available from March through June 2010 under the theme, "Gain Control of Your Life for 2010:"

Balancing Work and Family Are you satisfied with how you balance your time spent at work and with family? In today's fast paced world, many people are not and feel overwhelmed on a regular basis. Learn how to cope through difficult times when balance seems out of reach.
(W) March 16 (12:00-1:00PM)

Caring for Aging Parents Are you caring for an aging parent? This program will provide helpful information to assist you through your caregiving journey.
(W) March 10 (4:00-5:00PM)

Identity Theft The fastest growing crime today is identity theft. Your good name and credit could be at stake. Learn what you can do to protect yourself.
(P) May 20 (6:00-7:30PM)

LMA Laughter Club Come on out every month and experience the joy of laughter in a relaxed, upbeat atmosphere. Learn simple practices to feel good and improve your outlook on life.
(P) March 16 (7:00PM) *Held at Community Room - Park City Center
(Also scheduled for April 20, May 18 & June 15)

Mindfulness Meditation Did you know that meditation can help to strengthen your concentration and calm the mind and body? It can also help you make better decisions, feel calmer, increase your interest and happiness with daily life, give you a better quality sleep, decrease your blood pressure and improve your immune function. LMA's Meditation classes can do all that and more! Each session will include four individual classes on: Introduction to Breath Meditation, Body Relaxation Meditation, Mountain Meditation to Reduce Anxiety and Meditation in Daily Life. 
(P) Next 4 week session begins March 2 (5:30-6:30PM)

Not sure if Meditation is for you? Try it with our Free 30 Minute Intro to Meditation Classes. March 30, April 13 & 27 (5:30-6:00PM)

Personal Financial Awareness Assess your own financial health, learn how to manage your finances, develop SMART financial goals, and use credit responsibly. 
(W) April 21, 28 & May 5 (4:00-5:00PM)

Public Seminars (P) participants learn new skills through on-site, face-to-face training with interactive exercises and group activities. LMA's Public Seminars are held at the offices at 1848 Charter Lane, Lancaster (Greenfield Corporate Center), 2nd Floor Conference Room, unless otherwise noted.

Webinars (W) - right at your computer (home, office, anywhere). Interact with program leaders and other attendees without leaving your desk.

Cindi Dinger, on behalf of the Wellness Committee