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October 2011 Wellness Tip

Tackling Time Wasters

365 days X 24 hours = 8,760 hours a year to get everything done.

It's a formula that applies to everyone, and yet we can become stressed by how little time we seem to have.  Here are some quick tips you may want to try this month to help tackle the troubling issue of time and the stress it can cause:


At Work

·      Organize your to-do list every day

·      Work with goals in mind

·      Do the most important thing first

·      Check your email on a schedule

·      Don’t leave email sitting in your in box after you've read it

·      Know at what times of the day you work best

·      Set and respect deadlines

·      Be able to let go

·      Avoid disruptions

·      Allocate your time

At Home

·      Organize a family to-do list every day

·      Build in family fun time every day

·      Build in personal time

·      Build in time to be healthy

·      Be able to say NO to help minimize commitments

·      De-clutter

·      Delegate

·      Set time limits for things

·      Turn off the electronics

·      Establish a routine and attempt to stick to it

      Basically, if you can handle a task quickly, get it done and handle it only once.  Going back to it is a time waster.  Handle emails, memos, mail and other papers once.  Learn to distinguish between tasks that need to be done exceptionally and those that just need to get done.

Cindi Dinger, on behalf of the Wellness Committee