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Week 4: Toe Raises

For the next three weeks, we are going to look at exercises that you can do at home with weights.  If you don't have dumbbells, don't worry!  Your weights are as close as your pantry.  In place of weights, you can use canned foods.  You can also use  empty milk and juice containers with handles--just add water and you are ready to go.  You can adjust the weight by adding or removing water from the container.

This week we are going to start with calf raises.  Along with the squats and  lunges you do with bands, add calf raises.  This is great to build muscles as well as work on your balance. 

There are a variety of ways to work the calf muscles.  Click on this link to see how to perform these exercises.  While you are here, check out some other variations on squats and lunges using weights.

Good Luck!

Robin Wert-Eller