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Week 3: Wrist Exercises

This week's exercise:  Wrist exercises

Many people suffer from carpal tunnel and tendinitis of the wrist.  To help manage this disorder, regular stretches and and exercises for the wrist and hand are helpful tools.

To start, you should perform the stretches shown on this website:  You should perform these in the morning before you start work.  You should also take regular breaks throughout the day and perform these stretches as well.

Along with the stretches you should perform strengthening exercises.  Wrist curls and wrist extensions using the band are a good way to strengthen these muscles. Click on this clink to see how these exercises are done  If you experience any numbness or pain when using the band, then start by doing these exercises without any resistance.  Then work your way up to using the band.  You can also do these exercises with weights.  It may be easier to use weights as you can increase in small increments.  Here is a good source to see how to perform the wrist curl and extension using weights:

As always, if you experience ongoing or sharp pain upon doing these exercises, please consult with your physician.

Good Luck!

Robin Wert-Eller