Curriculum Overview 

Feminist theory and practice are transforming the world. This program seeks to understand these ongoing changes through a broad interdisciplinary framework. Taken together, the courses in the Women’s and Gender Studies Program offer a gendered perspective on the diversity of human, and particularly women’s, experiences in historical, global and cross-cultural contexts. Attention is paid throughout to the interconnections between gender and other social institutions, such as class, ethnicity, nationality, race and sexual orientation.

A major in Women’s and Gender Studies may be arranged through the Special Studies Program described in the front of this Catalog or as a Joint Major. For a Joint Major, see the chairperson of Women’s and Gender Studies for advice in designing a program of study and choosing an adviser.

A minor in Women’s and Gender Studies consists of six courses, chosen in consultation with the chairperson: four courses in Women’s and Gender Studies chosen from at least two different divisions (humanities, natural sciences and social sciences); WGS 210; and an advanced seminar or an independent study.

Joint Majors and minors in the Women’s and Gender Studies Program have studied abroad in the following programs in recent years: Advanced Studies in England Program in Bath, England; Butler University (IFSA) National University of Ireland in Galway; SIT Chile: Cultural Identity, Social Justice, and Community Development, SIT Netherlands: International Perspectives on Sexuality and Gender, and SU Abroad Florence, Italy.

The program also encourages students to consider IFSA Argentina: Advanced Argentine Universities Program (Concentration in Diversity, Minority and Gender Studies) and DIS: Prostitution and the Sex Trade Program. See the International Programs section of the Catalog for further information.

Courses Offered 
A list of regularly offered courses follows. Please note the key for the following abbreviations: (A) Arts; (H) Humanities; (S) Social Sciences; (N) Natural Sciences with Laboratory; (LS) Language Studies requirement; (NSP) Natural Science in Perspective; (NW) Non-Western Cultures requirement; (W) Writing requirement. 
Topics Courses Expected to be Offered in 2014-2015 
  • Gender & Global Childhoods.
  • European Novels of Love & Deception.
  • Foucault.
  • Sociology of the Family.