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The Carolyn W. and Robert S. Wohlsen Center for the Sustainable Environment

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The Wohlsen Center for the Sustainable Environment was created to consolidate the many interests and initiatives relating to environmental stewardship and sustainability on the Franklin & Marshall campus.  The Center houses a seminar room, a field-work laboratory space, and offices for the Director, Millport Liaison, and Artist-in-Residence. The Student Commons has space for the Fair Trade Café, the Dirt Army, and the Environmental Action Alliance.  

The Wohlsen Center's location close to the heart of campus is an ideal hub for activities relating to the Center's three main objectives:

  • Education
  • Action
  • Example



The first objective of the Wohlsen Center's mission is to facilitate the College's dedication to excellence in undergraduate education. For faculty, the Wohlsen Center's Director may serve as a resource to enrich the concepts of environmental stewardship and sustainability into all disciplines across the curriculum. The Center provides a facility for lectures, seminars, and research projects for the entire campus community.

For students, the Center is dedicated to demonstrating environmental stewardship and sustainability across all aspects of their F&M experience, from the classroom, to collaborative research, to co-curricular activities, athletics, and student life.

Campus visitors to the Center will find information about green living options, local research and outreach activities, and educational opportunities. Public lectures and meetings take place in the Center's seminar room.



The second objective of the Wohlsen Center is to serve as a conduit between the creative ideas generated by the Franklin & Marshall community and their practical implementation. In this way, we will enhance Franklin & Marshall's reputation as a leader through the innovation, execution, and promotion of meaningful environmental stewardship and sustainability efforts.

Personnel at the Wohlsen Center help coordinate sustainability efforts employed on campus. These efforts come from a wide variety of sources, including students and faculty, administration, food services, and Facilities and Operations. The Wohlsen Center provides a space that encourages interaction and dialog between all of these constituencies.



The third objective of the Wohlsen Center is to lead by example. The Center strives to set an example of how to minimize its environmental impact. Over time, sustainable practices and methodologies may serve as a working model for other facilities on campus and across the broader Lancaster community.

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