The Pulse of the Alice Drum Women's Center

Story 3/9/2015

Photographic Exhibit Connects Feminism With Everyone

The "Faces of Feminism" exhibit opens Tuesday (March 10) in the Alice Drum Women's Center in Steinman College Center. The event is part of the larger celebration of International Women's Week at F&M.  

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Story 12/17/2014

New Generation of Leaders Gets a Lift from Rouse Scholarship

Leadership -- the ability to persuade others to work together to get things done -- is a quality Andrew Rouse '49 said he looks for in recipients of Rouse Scholarships, a program that began 12 years...

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Story 11/19/2014

Gender and Human Rights Experts Kick Off Feminist Dialogue...

Two leading scholars in the fields of human rights and gendered violence, Elora Chowdhury and Amy Den Ouden, will be on campus Nov. 20 to launch the Alice Drum Women's Center Feminist Dialogue Series. 

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